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Brow LiftThe entire purpose of a brow lift is to enhance a person’sBrow Lift natural beauty without changing the entire look of his or her face. From providing a more youthful glow to feminizing the brow line, our patients are highly satisfied after the procedure. There is minimal down time and the healing period is short during recovery.

A brow lift is an essential part of facial feminization surgery. It is commonly performed in conjunction with a forehead lift and contouring, but can be done on its own as well. Male eyebrows are located just at or under the orbital rim and are straight and thick, whereas female brow lines are above or on the orbital rim and offer a more arched, distinct line at the brow.

How Brow Lifts Feminize the Face

Brow lifts are not only part of facial feminization surgery. In fact, women who are older or who have a more masculine appearance often undergo a brow lift to give them a more youthful, refreshed look. Brow lifts also enlighten the eyes, making them looks less tired and worn.

In our practice, brow lifts are done by lifting the skin of the forehead, helping the eyebrows to naturally raise. When combined with a hairline advancement and forehead contouring procedure, the shape of the hairline is changed and the frontal bones of the brow line are remodeled.

What to Expect After Your Brow Lift

A brow lift may cause temporary numbness of the scalp. If only a brow lift was performed, down time is minimal. If the procedure was performed in conjunction with a hairline advancement and forehead contouring, then the down time is only two to three days. Cold compresses will help reduce any swelling and the stitches used in the procedure will be removed a week post-surgery.

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