How Badly Do You Want to Get Rid of That Muffin Top?

April 10th, 2015 by

Liposuction Treatments

One of the most common physical attributes that adult men and women are most dissatisfied with is the dreaded muffin top, which is most noticeable when wearing skinny jeans or even shorts. Although it is possible to help reduce the appearance of it by means of dieting and engaging in regular exercise, it can take quite a few months before the end results are noticeable. However, there are a few plastic surgery options that can be of great help as well.

Regular Liposuction

Most candidates opt for liposuction to help eliminate love handles or muffin tops. This procedure involves making the smallest possible incisions around the areas affected with excess body fat, into which a small cannula is inserted. The cannula is used to suck out and remove excess fat, while also smoothing the area out to ensure that the affected area looks as natural as possible afterwards. One of the main reasons why this procedure is so popular is that it is able to remove relatively large volumes of fat in a single session. However, doctors will recommend that for best results, patients should be no more than 15 to 20 lb. overweight if they wish to have this procedure performed.


This is often considered as the minimally invasive option to regular liposuction. Although a small cannula is still sued to help suck excess fat from around the hips and abdomen, it is used in conjunction with a laser fiber device. The laser device helps to heat and break down accumulated fat cells before eliminating them from the body in a liquefied form. While this procedure can be performed without the use of general anesthesia, it’s important to remember that, unlike traditional liposuction, SmartLipo is best suited to individuals who do not have an excessive amount of fat to remove from their abdominal or hip areas.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

In cases where patients have their muffin top extending around to encompass part or the entire abdomen, having abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery in conjunction with either of the above mentioned forms of liposuction may be a good idea. This procedure involves having an incision made from one hip to the other just above the pubic area. The muscles in the immediate area are then tightened, which will help to reduce the muffin top appearance a lot. Patients who have tummy tuck surgery performed may experience a slightly longer recovery time than those who only have liposuction carried out, as the stitched area of the abdomen will take a few weeks to heal.

Before having any form of plastic surgery performed, patients should be honest with regards to whether they suffer from any pre-existing medical conditions or use any form of prescription medications or not – especially blood thinners. Patients should also follow their plastic surgeon’s advice with regards to which activities may or may not be performed while sutures, wounds and bruises are still in the healing stages.