With all the Craziness Surrounding Her Family – Kylie Jenner Wants More!

Kylie Jenner

Image Source: Flickr/CreativeCommons

There has been much hype over the past few weeks with regards to the coming out of Caitlyn (previously Bruce) Jenner. Although there has been much media attention focused on her and her family at the moment, daughter Kylie has decided that she is going to continue on her quest to have further plastic surgery performed herself – in the form of a nose job or rhinoplasty as it is also known as.

Addicted to Plastic Surgery?

Although Kylie Jenner may only be 17 years old, the teen has already confessed that she has had quite a few cosmetic procedures performed over the years. These have included a range of temporary lip filler treatments and even a set of breast implants. However, according to information obtained from an insider who is quite close to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians TV star, it has been suggested that the bubbly teen is now considering having further cosmetic surgery in the form of a nose job performed as well.

Changing Her Appearance

The insider went on to mention to Radar Online that Kylie Jenner wants to have the bridge of her nose made smaller. “She’s completely paranoid about having the same nose as her mom, which in her mind is the worst nose in the family,” the insider was quoted as saying. Although some people may think that it is excessive or even over the top for a 17 year old to be thinking about plastic surgery procedures such as breast implants and nose reconstruction procedures, it has been noted that the teen has received the approval of her mom to enhance various aspects of her appearance.

Quelling Rumors

Most stars and their families are well aware of how quickly rumors about aspects of their personal lives can circulate – and this teen is certainly no exception in this regard. Numerous rumors about the fact that Kylie may be 8 months pregnant were spreading because of the fact that her older sister Kendall had tweeted a message of congratulations to her and her beau, Tyga. However, the teen was quick to take to the ranks of Twitter herself to get everything set straight. On May 27, Kylie took to the social media network’s news feed to post the following message in this regard, “People been thinking I’m pregnant for 8 months now…. CLEARLY I’m not pregnant!”

Teens and Cosmetic Surgery

Although teens like Kylie Jenner may be having numerous forms of cosmetic surgery performed, this doesn’t mean that it is the right choice for everyone else as well. However, teens who are genuinely embarrassed about certain aspects of their appearances could benefit greatly by having them surgically altered – with parental blessings, of course. In fact, many teens who have done this have reported that their new looks have given them a level of confidence that they would otherwise not have been able to enjoy if they were feeling embarrassed about the way they look.

Teens who wish to have cosmetic surgery performed should ensure that they not only have the approval of their parents or guardians; they should also ensure that they are having it done because they truly want to have it done and not because their favorite star is going under the knife.