Choosing a Plastic Surgeon That’s Right For You

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

The relationship between surgeon and patient should always be one centered around communication, understanding, and trust. With plastic surgery elective procedures, patients are fortunate enough to be able to conduct a search process for a surgeon that best fits their needs. This process should be a through one that takes the following into account:

Board Certification

Always search for a board-certified plastic surgeon. Board certification is done through the highly regarded American Board of Plastic Surgery. It’s an extensive process that ensures only qualified surgeons are treating patients.

Patient Reviews

One of the best ways to search for a plastic surgeon is to simply ask around. More people than ever before are having plastic surgery procedures. It’s also becoming widely accepted by people who haven’t had it or were once opposed to it. Talk to family, friends, and acquaintances about your desire to have plastic surgery and ask them if they know of anyone you can contact.


In regards to surgery, experience doesn’t always mean someone who has been doing it for a long time. Plastic surgery is an evolving field. Search for surgeons who have quality experience and education. Take residency and fellowship experience into account. Also take note of any awards, accolades, or publications, as they usually indicate a highly qualified surgeon.


Surgery has become a highly specialized field. All surgeons practice under the umbrella of plastic surgery, but they usually each have an area of the body or handful of procedures that they specialize in. Search for a surgeon that specializes in the area you wish to have surgically altered. If you can’t find one, search for a surgeon who might be able to make a recommendation.

Before and After Photographs

Before and after photographs function as a unique type of plastic surgery testimonial. A surgeon with numerous real before and after photos is usually a good one. Usually, a surgeon will have photos on his website. If he or she doesn’t, ask for them. Always be hesitant to arrange a consultation or surgery with a surgeon who has no before and after photos.

Quality of Care

A good plastic surgeon will always provide care of the highest quality. They will listen, understand, evaluate, advise, and educate. They will work out of a clean, comfortable facility and surround themselves with an excellent support staff. They will always exercise patience when necessary and never press surgery should it not be an emergency.


Chemistry between a surgeon and patient is important. It’s also individualized. As previously mentioned, patient reviews are important, but they shouldn’t be the determining factor when choosing a surgeon. Genuinely ask yourself if you’re comfortable with a particular surgeon operating on your body.

As a patient, your goal should be to find a plastic surgeon who is right for you. Your peace of mind, comfort, and results are important. Take the above mentioned factors into account when choosing your surgeon and you will put yourself in situation you where you can expect to be treated properly and get the results you want.