Corrective Plastic Surgery Procedures

Did you or someone you know recently undergo a plastic surgery procedure that ended in almost a total disaster? Was that nose job not at all what you expected? Are you feeling even worse about your physical appearance and even more self-conscious than before? There’s no use suffering for this. Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Mardirossian and their team of professional and experienced plastic surgeons can help make the wrong right.

The Jacobson and Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center is highly reputable and is known for its excellence and topnotch, quality procedures. Our plastic surgery center provides treatment options and procedures in facial rejuvenation and face lifts, lip rejuvenation and lip lifts, fat transfers, various skin treatments, body plastic surgery procedures, such as implants, and even plastic surgery for men, just to name a few.

What stands our plastic surgery center out from the rest is that many of our procedures are minimally invasive, and we strive to provide the most natural tactics than many of our competitors. This means that many of our procedures involve as little technology and invasive procedures as possible. For example, our face lift and lip lift procedures are considered minimally invasive, and only require local anesthesia to complete the procedure. Furthermore, some procedures can even be performed with natural tactics, such as merely making minor incisions, and avoiding the use of plastics and other materials, unless a patient or client specifically asks for it. Some procedures, however, cannot be done without the use of plastics or other supplemental materials.

In addition to our regular services as outlined above, we also take the time to help those clients and patients who have had a poor or otherwise undesirable experience with another plastic surgery center. We understand other practices use different tactics and procedures and mistakes can happen. However, Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Mardirossian are famous for their tactics, which helps them stand apart from competitors.

Have you ever gone to get your hair done by a hair stylist only to leave the salon later in tears? Unfortunately, many of our clients and patients have had similar experiences with other practices. Then they come to us. Often times we perform corrective plastic surgery tactics in order to help clients fix certain procedures by applying our own strategies and tactics in effort to give the client the results they really want to see.

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Much like any of our other consultations, we will sit down with a prospective client or patient, discuss the procedures, and our strategy on how we would go about taking corrective procedure actions, and how the client will likely look after the procedure is over and that area of the face or body has healed. We also institute a rigorous follow up plan with each of our clients and patients to ensure that each and every procedure is conducted efficiently and that specific area of the body is healing in the way it should. Any prior health concerns, however, should be addressed during each consultation, and could have an impact on how a procedure heals.

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All in all, individuals should never go about life feeling badly or self-conscious about a certain part of their bodies. With the availability of advanced technology behind many plastic surgical treatment options and procedures, as well as in the realm of medicine as a whole, individuals have more options. Contact Jacobson and Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center today. Because you and your physical appearance are worth it.