Facial Feminization Surgery – Male to Female

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Facial feminization surgery, sometimes referred to as simply FFS, is one of the most coveted surgeries among transgender individuals seeking to transition. This surgery is designed to soften the more masculine facial features and deliver a more feminine, rounded, contoured face.

What’s Involved in Facial Feminization?

While this is the number one most common questions asked by those interested in facial feminization surgery, it’s also one of the most difficult to answer. Every single surgery is custom-tailored to the patient’s individual needs. First, the surgeon discusses the patient’s vision for her face. Then, the surgeon will recommend a list of procedures designed to help the patient achieve those results.

Some of the procedures that may be performed during FFS include neck lifts, face lifts, lip lifts, brow reduction, lateral lower mandibular shaving (jawline reduction), facial fillers or implants for contouring, scalp advancement, tracheal shaving (Adam’s apple reduction), dimpleplasty (the removal or alteration of dimples), nasal tip refinement, temporal lifts, and more.

The Perception of Human Beauty

There have been numerous studies conducted on the ways in which people view human beauty, especially when it comes to the female face. Feminine features seem to enhance perceived attractiveness regardless of gender. For example, while it’s long been believed that a pronounced jaw and an enhanced chin on a man are more attractive to women, studies have shown the opposite – women and men alike are attracted to softer, rounder, and more feminine features.

When considering FFS, it’s important to research the surgeons who have studied it extensively. While most plastic surgeons can perform the procedures included in facial feminization, it takes a very skilled surgeon to combine those procedures into the perfect face for an individual patient. It’s about creating the perfect contour and balance to make a face more attractive. Those who undergo FFS should be able to look in the mirror and see the self they envision looking back at them.

Male to Female Transitioning

Transitioning from male to female requires a great deal of forethought and preparation, particularly as it relates to reshaping and contouring the face. Men are naturally born with more defined and pronounced facial features, and feminization can require several very distinct procedures. In many cases, the brows, cheekbones, chin, and jaw are the areas of focus. Surgeons will work to soften pronounced features, add volume to the cheeks, and even reduce the protrusion of the brow to make a face appear more feminine than before.

Many of the procedures involved in FFS require patients to set aside some time for recovery. These patients will experience some swelling and bruising, but surgeons will work with those patients to help manage their pain and keep them comfortable. While it may take several weeks before the results can be fully viewed and appreciated, facial feminization surgery is often life-changing.

Because facial feminization surgery is a very important part of the male-to-female transition, there are plastic surgeons the world over who spend countless days, weeks, months, and even years studying combinations of procedures that will benefit their patients most. Dr. Mardirossian at Palm Beach Plastics is one of those surgeons, and he’s performed dozens of successful feminization surgeries.