Free Virtual FFS Consultation for Out of State Patients

Free FFS Consultation

Patients who are interested in FFS (Facial Feminization Surgery) often travel a long way just for a consultation. With so much on the line, individuals often see several surgeons before deciding on the right one for their needs. Dr. Mardirossian at Palm Beach Plastics now offers a free FFS consultation for out of state patients.

What Is FFS?

Facial feminization surgery entails transforming what some may consider masculine features into softer, more feminine ones. There are many surgical techniques used in feminization, and these include things like jaw contouring, chin reshaping, nasal tip refinement, facelift, cheek augmentation, and more. Some of the techniques used in FFS are minimally invasive and require the injection of dermal fillers. Oftentimes, the process behind feminizing the face requires both. The free FFS consultation offered by Palm Beach Plastics helps Dr. Mardirossian determine which of these procedures will work best for each individual patient.

Why Consider FFS?

According to recent studies that focus on the overall human perception of beauty and attractiveness, feminine features increase attractiveness whether an individual is male or female. In short, FFS involves balancing light and shadow in such a way that the face appears more feminine than before. Feminization can make individuals appear more youthful, as well. Female patients undergo FFS to improve their overall look or even reverse some of the signs of aging, but now more than ever, men seek the help of plastic surgeons to reduce the appearance of more masculine features for the purpose of gender reaffirmation.

The Online Consultation

The free FFS consultation takes place online in a virtual setting. This is great news for out of state patients who may have difficulty finding a surgeon who specializes in FFS. The ability to understand the techniques that the surgeon recommends saves time and money, particularly for those who travel across the country – or even around the world – to obtain the facial structure they want. The surgeon can analyze the patient’s facial structure via the internet, then recommend a course of treatment and procedures designed to provide the right level of feminization.

How the Consultation Works

Rather than traveling a long distance to the surgeon’s office, this free FFS consultation is virtual. You can meet with him via the internet, where he will evaluate your facial structure and neck. Then, he will recommend the procedures that will make you appear more feminine, in their order of importance. Although there may be several procedures that could work for you, he will start with the most important ones. Then, you can decide whether you want to go through with some or all of the recommended procedures.

Instead of traveling across the country or around the world to meet with a plastic surgeon who can help you with FFS, whether for gender reaffirmation or for added youthfulness, Dr. Mardirossian and his team at Palm Beach Plastics now offer a free FFS consultation that takes place in the virtual world. This gives patients the confidence and hope they need to understand how they can transform their appearances and look more beautiful than ever before.