Radiesse Now Offers Cream for Your Hands

Radiesse Hand Cream

Men and women around the world have put their trust in Radiesse to fill wrinkles and correct volume loss in their faces for years. Now, Radiesse offers the only FDA approved dermal filler for both your face and your hands. You can quite literally turn back the hands of time in just one visit.

How Hands Age

Although plastic surgeons and dermatologists have focused on facial aging for decades, and while pharmaceutical companies create newer and better treatments for aging, very few focus on aging hands. In fact, your hands can show age faster than any other part of your body. Beyond the age of 35 or so, natural collagen and fatty tissue begins to break down. People who once had smooth, beautiful hands now find that they can see veins and tendons. As things progress the tendons and veins become even more apparent and give away your age. Fortunately, Radiesse can reverse this process and give you the youthful hands you want.

How Does Radiesse Work?

Radiesse is a dermal filler that helps restore volume in both the face and hands. It goes far beyond the role of dermal filler, though, since it also works to stimulate natural collagen production. It provides immediate, smooth, realistic results and often lasts nine months to one year. It is not an invasive surgery with a long recovery time, either. It only requires a quick office visit and a few hours of recovery. Most of the time, only one small syringe of Radiesse provides the desired results. However, some patients may need to return for a second visit, especially if they have significant volume loss.

Radiesse Recovery

According to physicians who use Radiesse regularly, it may take as long as two weeks for the swelling after a session to diminish completely. The worst of the swelling dissipates after only one week. Some redness is normal, particularly at the points where the doctor injects the filler, and some patients may even notice bruising in their hands. However, if the pain and redness persists beyond two to four days, you should contact your physician. Most of the time, ice and over-the-counter pain relief are all patients need to restore comfort.

What to Expect Before and After

Your hands will look amazing immediately after the procedure, but remember that there will be some swelling for the first several days. Once the swelling goes down, it may appear that you have actually lost some of the volume in your hands since the treatment. This is perfectly normal; a few weeks after the injection, the Radiesse begins to stimulate natural collagen production, and you will begin to notice an increase in volume once again.

Radiesse is many surgeons’ go-to dermal filler for both the face and hands because it not only provides immediate results, but it also keeps working months after injection to stimulate the natural production of collagen. Your hands can tell many different stories, but they should never give away your age. Consider Radiesse to correct volume loss and give you back your youthful hands.