Non-Surgical Plastic Surgery is Growing Pretty Quickly

Facial Lasers

When the topic of plastic surgery is brought up in conversation, many people tend to only associate it with going under the knife. However, over the past few years, more and more non-surgical procedures have been developed with great success, with two of the most popular options being those of laser resurfacing and injectable treatments.

Fraxel Laser Treatments

Deborah Stephenson may be 63 years old, but she certainly doesn’t look her age. In fact, her diligence with regards to performing regular skin care has paid off tremendously. One of the options on offer there is the Fraxel Laser treatment, which gets right down to work at erasing fine lines, clogged pores, wrinkles, age spots and many other types of skin blemishes. The Fraxel requires a series of laser treatments in order for patients to fully benefit from it.

After having the Fraxel Laser treatment performed, Stephenson said, “Over the series, I could see a big improvement of my skin. The pigmentation from getting older, spending time in the sun, too much.”

Lasers are a Big Deal

Dr. Michael Yates, who is a plastic surgeon, has said that lasers are a pretty big deal at the moment. “You know lasers can resurface the facial skin to rejuvenate it, fade out brown spots, treat spider veins and remove hair,” he said. After having the laser treatment performed, Stephenson mentioned that her skin is not only smoother; it now retains more moisture as well. She said that she had also had some injectables applied into the lines on her face, which she classified as a relatively quick fix. “You just notice that the creases between your eyes and around your eyes will go away,” she said.

Fast and Easy

Stephenson also said that the Fraxel Laser treatment will be able to take care of lines that are present around the mouth, and the procedure is relatively quick. “People come on their lunch hour and sometimes there may be a little bit of redness, but other than that there’s really no downtime,” she mentioned. One of main benefits of the laser and injectable treatments is that no cutting of any sort is required for patients to obtain results.

Yates mentioned that more and more people are opting for non-invasive cosmetic procedures these days. He said, “Everyone has heard of Botox and filler. Botox helps with filler lines on the face. Filler plumps the face out. Together they make up the liquid facelift. Very, very popular. Nice improvements. Of course, lasers are extremely versatile,” he said.

The surgeon stated that liposuction and tummy tuck procedures are still popular, but these days, there is an alternative method that can be used – namely, by heating them. Yates said, “We love doing “vanquish” which is actually radio frequency waves. We found that works better than the fat freezing. These non-surgical treatments are, you know, fast, minimal recovery, more affordable. They are the fastest growing aspects of plastic surgery.”