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The Male and Female Face: Understanding the Differences and Reasons for FFS

Female faces vary dramatically from male faces. In fact, the face is often the easiest way to determine a person’s gender. Females, for example, have pointier chins and a smaller nose. Their foreheads and brow lines vary from males. Additionally, the drape and contour of the skin can vary. But, there is not just one characteristic that makes a face more masculine or feminine. Instead, it is a combination of characteristics.

Understanding what makes a face feminine can help you understand the work that goes into FFS.


The Male Face

The male face is chiseled, defined, and wide. But, there are other distinct characteristics that make a male face masculine. These include:

  • Shape – Wider and squared, especially around the jaw line.
  • Hairline – M-shaped, receding at the temples.
  • Forehead – Distinct brow lines and backward sloping angle.
  • Eyebrows – Straight, thick, and sit just under the orbital rim.
  • Nose – Thicker and longer with a wider bridge and nostrils. Points downward toward the lips.
  • Cheeks – Flat with little definition in the cheekbones.
  • Lips – Distance between the nose and the top of the lip is longer.
  • Chin – Wide, flat, and squared. Chins are taller, heavier, and are prone to a vertical cleft in the center.
  • Jaw – Male jawbones are heavier, wider, and stronger. The jawline drops straight down from the ear, and then makes a sharp angle toward the chin giving it a classic square appearance.
  • Adam’s Apple – Visible and very predominant in males.
  • Eyes – Narrower, rounded eyes.

The Female Face

  • Shape – Heart shaped, rounded on the corners and smooth.
  • Hairline – Lower than a male hairline and doesn’t recede at the temples.
  • Forehead – No discernible brow bone and a rounded forehead that is fairly flat in the front. It slopes vertically rather than backward.
  • Eyebrows – Sit higher above the eyes with a natural arch, and easier to shape.
  • Nose – Smaller, shorter with a narrower bridge and nostrils. The nose tends to point upward more than men, with a concaved profile.
  • Cheeks – Fuller, rounded, and cheekbones are more defined.
  • Lips – Fuller, and the teeth are visible.
  • Chin – Rounded, shorter with no visible cleft.
  • Jaw – Gentle curvature leading from the ears to the chin.
  • Adam’s Apple – Rarely visible in women.
  • Eyes – Appear larger, and more attractive. Enhanced by the natural slope of the forehead and cheekbones.

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