How Selfies Fuel Lip Procedures

Selfie & Lip Procedures

Selfies have taken the world by storm.

In the past, our ability to admire the face was limited to small photos on magazine pages.

Now, we can to zoom in and get a great feel for the attractive facial features of the most beautiful people in the world.

Many are realizing that one of (if not the most) attractive facial feature is the lips.

This has lead to an increase in lip procedures.

How do I Know If a Lip Procedure is Right for Me?

You should consider a lip procedure if:

  • You have thin lips
  • Your lips disappear when you smile
  • Your lips have thinned with age
  • Your lips have shrunk with age
  • You’re self-conscious about the appearance of your lips

Every year hundreds of thousands of people undergo lip procedures for the above-mentioned reasons and are pleased with the results. Make note that your overall physical and mental health play an important role in getting maximum results that you’ll be pleased with.

What Are My Surgical Options?

The two most common surgical options are:

Dermal Grafting

Dermal grafting is used to move the lip forward. The procedure is performed using tiny incisions inside the mouth. Fat is repositioned from underneath the skin to the upper lining of the lip. Permanent full, plump lips are the end result.

Lip Lifting

A lip lift removes excess skin around the lips and then pulls the lips up to give them a healthy, natural appearance. It works great for aging and thin lips. It’s also great for mouths that turn downward. A tiny incision and sutures are used so that no visible signs of scarring are present. The downtime is minimal—usually a few days.

What Are My Minimally Invasive Options?

The two most common minimally invasive options are:

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are the newest and most popular type of lip enhancement procedure. Natural or synthetic fillers are injected into the lips. Downtime is minimal, and side effects rarely occur. Full, fantastic, sexy lips are the end result.

Fat Transfers

Fat transfers are similar to dermal fillers, but they use the body’s fat as a filler. The fat is suctioned from one area of the body and then injected into the lips. The procedure is no longer common, as dermal fillers are an easier option that produces better results.

How Do I Select a Surgeon?

You should always search for a board certified plastic surgeon. It’s always a good idea to look for a plastic surgeon that specializes in facial procedures. This type of surgeon can help you get lips that perfectly match the appearance and symmetry of your face. They’ll give you lips that help other attractive features of your face stand out.

When you’re ready, please don’t hesitate to contact Palm Beach Plastics. We perform surgical and non-surgical lip enhancements. After your initial consultation, you’ll have all the information you need to make a decision that’s right for you.