Muffin Top & Love Handles

As we age, not only does the skin elasticity change, but we are also confronted with an increase in fat deposit which results in folds which depending upon their location are given different names such as bar bulge, muffin top or love handles. When we address these cosmetic issues we need to focus upon the fat component as well as the loose skin issues. The fat is usually address using one of a variety of liposuction techniques such as tumescent liposuction, tridimensional superficial liposculpture or smartlipo. These procedures are performed in our certified office or using a local or twilight anesthesia. The post op period is usually minimal to no pain and patients can return to near normal activities within a matter of days.

When loose skin is a contributing factor to the problem we can now successfully treat this using our remarkable new “No Loose Skin ™ RF Treatment”. This treatment is performed in the office in a single session under local anesthesia. It also can be done concurrently with a liposuction procedure. The permanent results are remarkable and are accomplished by selectively and accurately heating the collagen of the skin. This selective thermo application contracts the collagen and helps generate new collagen, resulting in a tightening and shrinking of the skin which can last for years, in essence resetting the aging clock. Unlike lasers and ultrasound therapy our procedure is clinically shown to achieve the maximum and long lasting skin tightening. This is achieved because we can selectively apply and measure the exact amount of heat that we are delivering to the area. In essence the “No Loose Skin TF Treatment” takes the guessing out of skin tightening.

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