Mandible and Chin Reduction Surgery

Mandible and chin contouring are among the most popular procedures in our practice. Many women complain of having a wide jaw, a wide or a prominent chin and want to learn more about these procedures. A nice oval shaped and refine jawline gives the face a decisively more feminine look and may increase its attractiveness.

Mandible and Chin ReductionThe procedure is performed under general anesthesia and the mandible body and the chin are accessed through small incisions in the mouth. During the procedure a smoother and narrower mandible shape is achieved along with reshaping of the chin in order to create a harmonious appearance that coincides with the rest of the facial features. Many patients prefer the chin alone to be contoured while others desire an overall reduction of the mandible size and refinement of its shape.

Swelling may persist for several months following a procedure. Although swelling typically reduces and becomes less noticeable after three weeks. A soft dressing is worn around the jaw and the head for the first seven days to help with the swelling. The stitches are absorbent so they do not need to be removed. An antibiotic mouth rinse and oral medications are also important for the patient for the first seven days following the procedure. In the meantime, the patient should also avoid hard food. Soup and soft foods are best during recovery time.

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