4 Common Changes in a Rhinoplasty Procedure

One reason patients visit our rhinoplasty surgeon West Palm Beach is they are looking for our extensive nasal anatomy knowledge, experience, cutting-edge surgical skills, keen sense of beauty and aesthetics, and the ability to listen to a patient about their plastic surgery goals.

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Rhinoplasty procedures include an intricate treatment requiring a surgeon to have all these unique attributes to accomplish the highest opportunity at achieving success. Here include four common changes requested:

Nasal AsymmetryNasal Asymmetry

Unevenness or asymmetry may occur within the tip or bridge of the nose. Within the bridge of your nose, your nasal bones or cartilage might be displaced. The tip area might result in nostril asymmetry that is secondary to tip cartilage malposition.

As tip cartilages, which support the nose, decrease or is reduced excessively, skin forces might change the nostrils and develop a pointy tip that has uneven nostrils. It’s vital to assess the exact nature and talk to our rhinoplasty surgeon West Palm Beach regarding the limitations and potential options of surgery. Read: What is Rhinoplasty?

Saddle NoseSaddle Nose

This deformity is when the nose’s bridge is overly ‘scooped’ and results in an operated and unnatural look. Our rhinoplasty surgeon West Palm Beach has developed an algorithm to treat such a deformity in a precise and careful manner to recreate the normal nasal look while sustaining the form and shape of an individual’s natural nose. Read: Disadvantages and Advantages of Rhinoplasty

short noseShort Nose

The angle at which a nose is elevated from your upper lip includes the most vital elements of a nasal profile. The perfect aesthetics of ‘nasolabial angle’ will vary in every individual based on gender, ethnicity, height, and the remainder of the anatomy of the face.

Oftentimes, overly aggressive primary rhinoplasty treatments result in excessively overturned noses which are too short and are often referred to as ‘Miss Piggy Nose.’ It’s a challenging problem requiring complex nasal reconstruction along with many cartilage grafts and innovative methods to reverse the overturned short nose then develop better aesthetics. It’ll oftentimes require getting cartilage grafts from your rib area, ear region, or septum. The result of reversing an over-shortened nose may be satisfying to both a surgeon and patient. Read: Rhinoplasty Surgery Overview

Persistent Large NosePersistent Large Nose

Even though a nose job is highly effective at improving the shape and size of the nose, a handful of patients still might have a nose which doesn’t fit their face because of a persistently enlarged nose. It’s critical that you understand that the rhinoplasty outcome is dependent upon the inherent anatomy and some are limited as to the amount of size reduction available. It’s crucial that the surgeon and patient have a discussion concerning the possibilities of revision rhinoplasty in order to correct a persistently enlarged nose.

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