4 Easy Ways to Love Your Skin

We all want beautiful and smooth skin. While many home remedies such as using moisturizers, masks and cleansers, and even drinking water and eating healthy can contribute to beautiful skin, there are also a number of other skin treatment options that can help further this process and ensure smooth, fresh, and beautiful skin.

Chemical peels

A chemical peel is a common skin treatment procedure that involves using chemicals to “peeling” away wrinkled, damaged, or blemished skin due to sun damage, acne, or age. This procedure is popular because not only is it effective to seeing smoother and youthful skin, but it is also non-invasive. Furthermore, there are more than fifty different kinds of peel, each designed to treat a specific skin problem.

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If you are unsure of which chemical peel is right for you, consult with one of the plastic surgeons at the West Palm Beach Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence for suggestions on which is right for you.

Diamond Abrasion

This skin treatment option is similar to microdermabrasion treatments, only more effective in terms of results and comfort. The Diamond Abrasion treatment option is a mechanical peel procedure that helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin surface smoothness, generate a more balanced and even skin tone, help to reduce the appearance of scars, and reduce age spots and skin damage.

In addition, the Diamond Abrasion treatment may also be used on the face, hands, neck, and chest. This procedure is medically tested and proven to effectively tighten and lift facial muscles and naturally increase the production of collagen in the skin and body.

Laser Therapy

When most patients think of laser therapy, this likely intimidates or hesitates them. However, laser therapy procedures with a reputable and knowledgeable West Palm Beach plastic surgeon can make all the difference in a patient’s experience. Laser therapy can be used to correct or treat skin-related issues such as red marks, brown marks, scars, tattoos, stretch marks, wrinkles, hair removal, and so on. The newest laser therapy treatments even use non-invasive laser technology. One of the most attractive benefits of laser therapy is that there is little wrinkling, scarring or pain, if any at all, making recovery time minimal.

The Treatment of Brown Spots and Capillaries

Don’t you hate those brown spots? Most individuals and patients that visit the Jacobson and Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center in West Palm Beach would agree…especially in sunny Florida where it is easy to enjoy the lovely weather and outdoors, without using some form of skin protection from the sun. While most brown spots are caused by sun damage, they can also be brought on by age, which can also result in fine lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, roughness, broken blood vessels and brown spots.

Luckily there are some laser treatment options available to rid or significantly reduce brown spots or the appearance of capillaries which help to stimulate the growth of new collagen in the body and skin along with treating the imperfections themselves. The result is smoother, healthier, more youthful looking skin free of age spots and broken vessels.

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