5 Things to Review Before Hiring Your Plastic Surgeon

The right surgeon for your cosmetic surgery can make all of the difference in outcome. After all, the plastic surgery you receive is something that will last you the rest of your life and can be difficult to reverse. Therefore, you should base your decision on five very important things: board certification, experience, ethics, work history, and personality.

Board Certification

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Not all surgeons are the same, and only those who are certified by the Board of Plastic Surgery or ABPS should be considered for your surgical procedure. To receive this prestigious board certification, your surgeon has a track record for success and has low complications rates after their procedures. Also, not all board certifications are the same. So, do not automatically assume a surgeon that is “board certified” has the same quality and training as another. You can check if your surgeon is board certified on the American Board of Medical Specialties.


Does your cosmetic surgeon perform a wide variety of cosmetic surgeries on a regular basis? How many hours do they have in the operating room? If you are looking for a specific surgery, you want a cosmetic surgeon that has years of experience performing that type of plastic surgery.

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There are numerous benefits to certain types of cosmetic surgery, but there are always risks and other factors to consider. An ethical surgeon will not recommend any type of cosmetic procedure without telling you the risks and possibly offering an alternative solution. Also, your surgeon, if ethical, will not encourage additional procedures or agree to a procedure you don’t need. For example, a good surgeon will not recommend a facelift if you really don’t need one.

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Complication and Work History

Does your surgeon have any malpractice lawsuits or judgments filed against them? If so, that could be a red flag. You can see judgments and history of malpractice through the Medical Board website. Also, look out for any disciplinary actions from the board.


Lastly, you have to like and trust the surgeon you’re hiring to do your cosmetic procedures. You need to be confident and trust him or her, and make sure he or she actually listens to your needs. This is best done through a consultation. Take your time in the consultation and avoid any surgeons that rush through.

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