Why Skin Care is so Important Post Facial Plastic Surgery

Skin Care

Many patients think that they will not have to worry about taking good care of their skin after having facial plastic surgery performed because the wrinkles will have been taken care of. However, this is not the case, as it is always essential to take care of facial skin for a number of reasons.

Preserve the Effects

After having facial plastic surgery performed, a lot of patients think that they will not get wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet ever again. While these conditions may remain at bay for a few months or years (depending on the procedures that have been performed), they are by no means a guarantee that they will never reappear. Using high quality skin moisturizing products, removing makeup before going to bed and limiting exposure to the sun will all help ensure that the effects of facial cosmetic surgery will last as long as possible.

Prevent Irritation

In most cases, facial skin will be extremely sensitive after surgery has been done on it. As a result, it is essential to do everything possible that will help prevent redness, irritation or even pain in more serious cases. The best way to ensure that facial skin doesn’t become irritated or inflamed after surgery is to ensure that hypoallergenic and soap-free facial wash products are used and that a sun screen with an SPF rating of between 20 and 50 is used for the first few days or until the site of the surgery has healed completely.

Proper Healing can take place

Properly caring for facial skin post-surgery will enable all incisions and suture areas to heal properly. Although it can be tempting to pick at scabby areas when they start to itch, this should not be done, as it can result in permanent scarring. In cases where itching becomes severe, a cold compress or all-natural aloe lotion can be applied to provide relief. When applying lotion, it should be spread carefully and gently, as this will prevent sutures from being pulled and causing further irritation.

Flush out Toxins and Anesthesia to Aid Recovery

Patients can feel drowsy or groggy for a few days after having surgery performed, and this is due to the anesthesia that has been administered. The effects of this can be minimized by drinking plenty water for the first few days, and this will not only help flush the anesthesia from the body; it will play a part in helping to prevent the skin and the areas surrounding the surgery site from dehydrating as well. The more hydrated the skin is, the less chance there is of scarring occurring.

Patients who want to have facial plastic surgery performed should ensure that they discuss their options with a reputable and board certified surgeon ahead of time. If you are looking for a surgeon that has a significant amount of experience in performing a range of procedures, feel free to schedule a consultation with us as soon as possible.