Tridimensional Superficial Liposuction & Smartlipo™

Tridimensional superficial liposuction is a technique for removing fat from the superficial and intermediate layers of surface tissue. Originally developed in Italy, this advanced form of liposuction allows our surgeons to remove the most pernicious form of fat, the outer layer which can remain long after traditional liposuction removes the deepest layers of fatty tissue. Tridimensional superficial liposuction also allows the surgeon to sculpt the remaining tissue as opposed to traditional liposuction which can leave the remaining tissue lumpy and unattractive.

Smartlipo West Palm Beach

Smartlipo is a new form of liposuction in which a one mm laser is inserted beneath the skin. The laser melts the fat while also tightening the skin. This revolutionary new method combines fat removal with skin retraction and contouring. Smartlipo is particularly effective in treating sagging arms and fat tissue bulging around bras. This procedure also has the added benefit of reducing underarm sweating, a feature no other non-invasive surgery possesses.

The Smartlipo procedure can be performed with the patient under local anesthesia. A bandage is applied to the affected area, but this can be removed the next day. A compression garment must be worn for about two weeks, after which the patient can resume their normal activities.

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