Why Facial Feminization Surgeons (FFS) Are Seeing an Increase in Activity


More and more patients are realizing that they will be able to benefit tremendously by having facial feminization surgery performed. As a result, instances of this surgery being performed throughout the country have increased exponentially over the past few years. There are many reasons why each FFS surgeon is receiving more requests than ever for their services.

Boost Self-Esteem of Patients

One of the main reasons why transgender patients or patients who may have had gender reassignment surgery performed approach an FFS surgeon is because they would like to look as feminine as they feel. Many of these patients have also been subject to hurtful comments such as, “there goes a man dressed like a woman,” which is emotionally debilitating for them as well. However, once they have had their chosen FFS procedures performed, they have reported that their self-esteem levels have been improved tremendously.

No Longer Stigma Attached to FFS Surgery

In years gone by, patients who wanted to approach an FFS surgeon would have been severely ridiculed by friends, family and peers because they would have been cruelly classified as being ‘queer’ or different. However, with celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner who have been brave enough to face the world about being transgender and having facial feminization surgery performed, it has opened the doors for more patients to have it done and completely removed the stigma that was once attached to it in the process as well.

Enhance Existing Feminine Features

As women age, many of them find that their facial features are looking less feminine than before, resulting in them being mistaken for being men. Some of the most common complaints that women have as they age include eyebrows that descend and become flatter, cheeks becoming less full or sunken, tapers of the jaw disappearing and jowls appearing under the jaw and on the neck. However, after they have had their chosen procedures performed, many patients noted that their entire personality and outlook on life had improved dramatically.

Tips to Find the Right Surgeon

Facial feminization surgery is a highly specialized field, which is why it is crucial to approach a surgeon who has extensive levels of experience in performing these procedures. It is recommended to obtain referrals from as many existing patients as possible, as this will help determine whether a particular surgeon is the right person for the job. Online reviews are also a great way to determine whether patients have been satisfied with the end result of their FFS procedures, and if there are more negative than positive reviews pertaining to a particular surgeon, it is best to approach someone else.

Patients should also ensure that they only use the services of an FFS surgeon who is board-certified and who has the necessary qualifications to do the job. This will help ensure that they are completely satisfied with the end results of their chosen procedures and that there is little to no chance of complications developing afterwards.

7 Features of a Feminine Face

Appearing feminine has less to do with a certain facial feature than it is about the appearance of the face overall. It’s still possible to appear feminine with a large nose or square jaw so long as the overall features read ‘feminine’.

Here are Seven Main Differences Between Male and Female Faces.

1. Forehead

Many people do not think about their foreheads, yet the forehead is a dead giveaway when it comes to defining a person’s sex. There are three main differences between female and male foreheads:

  • Male foreheads are usually wider and higher than female foreheads.
  • Males have a bony ridge running across the forehead and above the eyes. Females have a smooth forehead.
  • Male foreheads are usually backwards sloping, whereas female foreheads are more vertical.

2. Eyebrows

Everyone knows that males have thicker eyebrows than females, yet there are some other key differences:

  • Male eyebrows possess a straighter shape, whereas female eyebrows are more arched.
  • Males possess lower eyebrows than females. The eyebrows sit under the orbital rim on males, and above the orbital rim on women.

3. Eyes

The eyes are the first thing others notice about a person’s face. Therefore, beautiful, feminine eyes are a clear sign. Here are some differences between female and male eyes:

  • Because of the brow ridge, male eyes look more deep set than female eyes.
  • Male eyelids appear more closed, providing the eyes a narrower appearance.

4. Nose

For those individuals who are self-conscious about their noses, relax! Many gorgeous women have prominent noses. Here are some main differences between female and male noses:

  • Males have wider, longer noses, whereas female noses are more narrow and shorter.
  • Males usually have arched or straight nose bridges, whereas female noses are usually more concave in profile.

5. Cheeks

Although we may not think a lot about our cheeks, cheeks are important to the overall facial proportions. Here will include the differences between female and male cheeks:

  • Males usually have flatter cheekbones, whereas females possess more prominent cheekbones.
  • Females have more fat in their face, giving the cheeks a rounder, fuller look.

6. Lips

Lush lips include a symbol of femininity and beauty. Here are some unique differences between female and male lips:

  • Male lips are usually thinner than female’s lips—especially the top lip.
  • Distance between the nose’s base and top lip is usually longer in males.

7. Jawline and chin
Jawline and Chin

A strong jaw and chin are masculine features; however, square jawlines are currently ‘in’. Many of the world’s most gorgeous women possess square jawlines, which include: Gisele Bundchen, Salma Hayek, Gweneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, and Angelina Jolie. Below are the unique differences between female and male jawlines and chins:

  • Males usually have longer chins than females.
  • There often is a sharp angle in between a male’s jaw and chin, providing the chin a square appearance.
  • Male chins usually have a flat base, whereas female chins are more pointed.
  • Males have heavier, wider jaws than females.

Keep in mind, it is your overall facial appearance which matters; therefore, the more of these ideas you apply, the more feminine the face will appear.