Don’t like your Square Chin? Why Mandible Contouring Can Help

Mandible Contouring

The effects that the mandible, also known as the lower jaw, have on appearance are tremendous. In a split second, someone can notice your mandible and unconsciously pass judgment on your appearance as it relates to gender. Stereotypically, men have wide jaws and square chins, whereas women have a much narrower and softer contour. Unfortunately, some women are born with mandibles of male resemblance. The most noticeable of which is a square chin. This usually leads to thoughts of “not being feminine enough”, which can decrease confidence and alter self perception. Should you not be pleased with the appearance of your mandible, mandible contouring might be the right option for you.

Mandible Contouring

Mandible contouring is a regularly performed plastic surgery procedure performed under general anesthesia. It uses small incisions inside the mouth to access the mandible and then reshape it. Usually, the bone around the corners of the jaw is reshaped, and the shape of the chin is adjusted. In some cases, the muscles supporting the mandible are reduced.


The result of a mandible contouring procedure is a narrower, softer, and smoother mandible shape. Square corners no longer exist. The chin appears much more attractive, as it too is no longer square. The entire face takes on a much more harmonious appearance. Significant improvement is seen as early as two weeks after the procedure. Maximum results usually take between three to six months.


Patients have reported feelings of increased attractiveness, confidence, and femininity following mandible contouring procedures. Before and after photos show patients whose once large, square, and male like jaws have been changed to ones that a much more feminine. Patients have been pleased that there is no facial scarring associated with the procedure, as all incisions are inside of the mouth. They’re also satisfied that the stitches used are dissolvable and they don’t have to go through the painful process of taking them out.

Post Surgery

Patients will wear a soft dressing around the head for one-week post surgery. This protects the mandible as it heals. It also helps ensure maximum results are achieved. Antibiotics are taken for one-week post surgery and hard foods are avoided. Swelling is commonly seen, but will usually go away after a few weeks. Pain might be present, but usually goes away with proper medication, ice, and avoidance of hard foods.
If you have a square chin and masculine jaw, and have been suffering because of it, mandible contouring might be the solution you’re looking for. The procedure is regularly performed and safe. It produces a beautiful, natural, and feminine mandible that blends harmoniously with facial features. Thousands of patients have positive testimonials following surgery. Results are seen in a relatively short period of time and post surgical complications are minimal. It’s recommended that you consult a board certified plastic surgeon if mandible contouring is something you’re interested in. Make note that by arranging a consultation with plastic surgeon who specializes in mandible contouring, you can ensure that you’ll get the best results possible.

How Can I Benefit from Mandible Contouring?

The human jaw differs in projection and size between male and females. In most instances, women who have prominent jaws have dominant and rugged faces, yet they never could be considered males, as they possess other feminine facial features.

Research has shown that frontal views of female jaws prove they’re triangular and narrow and end in a fine and delicate chin. Most men, on the other hand, possess a square, wider jaw ending in a more prominent chin. They’re the most striking differences while comparing the facial features of both sexes.

Mandibular ridges and angles

Mandible ContouringTo decrease face width and projection, the mandible contouring surgeon gains accessibility to the mandibular bone via intraoral incisions which won’t leave any scars, cutting angles and shaping a more delicate and rounder ridge. In a handful of cases, it’s additionally necessary to decrease the masseter muscles. Edges of the mandible are milled and, to provide continuity to your mandibular reduction, the procedure is done in conjunction with a chin reduction or chin feminization.

Anesthesia, hospitalization, and recovery

A single day at the center is adequate enough to recover from the procedure which is conducted under general anesthesia. A patient has to receive certain post-operatory care. A patient must wear bandages until the day following the procedure and ingest only liquids.

Over the next several days following a procedure, patients must stick to a light diet that involves little chewing. Appropriate and consistent oral hygiene is a must in order to avoid infections.

Over the next several weeks following a procedure, the jaw swelling and wound inflammation will gradually subside, and normal eating and chewing can resume. The end results of the procedure will fully be visible after five months.


1. Asymmetries: They’re unlikely to occur and are corrigible with a professional and trained surgeon.

2. Infections: All patients are medicated using the respective antibiotics, in accordance with the kind of surgery they’ve undergone. Antibiotics help keep surgical infections to a minimum.

3. Damaged nerves which may paralyze a few treated parts.

4. Adverse reactions to anesthetics.

Every patient has to undergo a pre-surgical process, and has to undergo the following tests:

  • Complete urine and blood tests
  • Cardiology
  • Radiology
  • Pulmonology tests

The tests decrease the possibility of abnormalities during the procedure and subsequently.

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