The Mainstream Journey for Transgenders

The Mainstream Journey for TransgendersThrough the decades we’ve seen many criticisms aimed at individuals who were interested in plastic surgery. To make things worse, if you were a male struggling to become a female, then the transgender process was very difficult.

As time and society changes, the journey for transgenders is becoming more popular and is much easier than ever before. Although the journey is still a long process that requires time, effort, and patience, the advancement in plastic surgery has allowed men to fulfill their dreams of successfully becoming a beautiful woman.

Why it’s Changing

The journey for a transgender is becoming easier since plastic surgical technology continues to enhance and improve. The options for males have continued to expand, offering them more choices and available surgeries to not only speed up the process, but make the facial feminization process more natural and realistic.

Although a great deal of research is required when you’re transforming your gender, there are many options available. Some of the improved surgeries include:

The Benefits of Plastic Surgery

For a transgender, the process of becoming a woman or giving your face a more feminine appearance can be long and tedious. There are a number of steps to transforming male features into female.

Facial feminization surgeries offer a lot of benefits to an individual. Some procedures include:

  • Forehead contouring is a quick and easy procedure, which can involve either the shaving, filling or reconstruction of the forehead. This allows a surgeon to smooth down, fill in or even remodel the forehead for a more feminine look.
  • Chin implants or shaving will allow a male chin to be shaved down, since a female chin isn’t as square and pointy as a male’s. A female chin is much softer, smoother, and more refined. Professional surgeons can either shave and remove portions of the chin or add implants, depending on the natural shape of a patient’s chin.
  • Scalp advancement, or hairline lowering, will allow a patient’s face to appear younger, and an advanced hairline can provide a more feminine appearance. Surgeons will cut a fine incision to allow new hair to grow through the incision.

These are just a few examples of how facial feminization surgeries will benefit you on your journey to becoming a female.

Choosing a Professional Plastic Surgeon

Though the transgender journey of becoming a female is quite popular and common, finding the right facial feminization surgeon is what will make all the difference. At the office of Jacobson & Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence, we want to ease the process and ensure you’re satisfied and comfortable with all of your surgeries. Contact us online or at (561) 624-0900, and will schedule a consultation to show you how we can help.

Tips for Your Gender Transformation Journey

Tips for Your Gender Transformation JourneyIf you are a transgender or a male on your journey to becoming a female, the road to success can be scary. There are many major decisions you must make and choose your surgeries and surgeon careful because the choices you make can affect the end result of your transformation.

Although the decision alone can be an emotional and anxious experience, it should still be comfortable and allow you to be satisfied with every step along the way.

Make a List

One of the easiest places to begin on your journey is to make a list of the surgeries that are high and low priorities. You may be anxious to have them all done at once, but time, finances, and stress can make achieving them difficult. Therefore, it is important to give your body the time it needs to heal before each procedure.

If you have trouble deciding which procedures are more important, take a look in the mirror and think about the things you instantly want to see changed. It is also helpful to speak with a qualified professional about the costs and recovery times of each procedure. The ones that have a shorter recovery time or are less costly may allow you to move a little quicker in your transformation process.


On your journey to becoming a woman, you want to ensure you are taken care of by an experienced and qualified professional.
When looking for a qualified plastic surgeon, you want to be sure you are searching for someone who has a lot of experience in many different areas, but still has a specific area of expertise for their focus and training.

Follow Instructions

Whatever procedure you decide on first, one of the best ways to ensure you will have successful results after the procedure is complete is by following the instructions given to you by your plastic surgeon.

This will allow you to get optimal results as well as keep your body healthy and safe. It may hard to follow some of the directions, such as avoiding certain activities or resting for several days, but doing so will benefit you in the long run. Remember, all procedures can have risks and complications, especially if you choose not to follow the directions of your plastic surgeon.

Contact FFS Surgeons for Gender Confirming Facial Surgery

At Jacobson & Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence, we want you to feel comfortable and safe during your transformation from a male to a female.

Contact us today at (561) 624-0900 to discuss any issues, concerns or questions you may have about any of our facial feminization procedures. It is not only our job but it is our pleasure to do whatever we can to help stand by you through this transformation.