How Celebrities are Getting Perfect Skin

Celebrity Skin

With awards season coming up for celebrities, many of them are doing everything possible to ensure that their skin is picture perfect beforehand. At present, one of the latest skin care procedures to take the celeb world by storm is called EndyMed. Below is a little information on what it is and how it works.

A Brand New Treatment Option

EndyMed is a brand new skin treatment option in that it only received approval from the FDA in the past year or so. It has only recently been made available to the public and it has to be administered by a qualified and experienced nurse. Melissa Haloossim, a nursing practitioner and managing director at the Kate Somerville Clinic, explains a few ins and outs of this new procedure in this short video.

Performing Multiple Functions

Haloossim goes on to mention that this treatment performs a few different functions for anyone who has it done, with the most important factor being that it is one of few treatments that is able to work on a superficial and a deeper level. Two full treatments are required in order to see the best possible end results, and the treatments consist of a combination of micro-needling and radiofrequency. The radiofrequency part of the treatment addresses the deeper, underlying collagen, while the micro-needling helps promote the stimulation and production of collagen at a surface level – both of which ensure that facial skin looks as good as new afterwards.

Reducing the Signs of Aging

Using the EndyMed skin treatment system not only boosts the production of collagen in the skin; it is able to reduce the size of pores, eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve the overall skin tone. Most people who have had the treatment performed have commented that, while there is a little discomfort involved as a result of the micro-needling, it is nowhere near as uncomfortable as having laser hair removal carried out. After the treatment sessions have been completed, a mask is applied that cools and soothes the facial area.

High Cost Involved

The EndyMed facial treatment system is quite costly to have administered – in the region of $3,000 per treatment. However, results can be seen virtually immediately afterwards, unlike with many other treatments where it can take multiple sessions before any changes are noticed. Additionally, 99% of patients who have had it performed have been completely satisfied with the end results, making it one of the most successful and popular treatment options to date.

As with any other form of cosmetic treatment, it is essential that EndyMed be performed by qualified professionals. This will ensure that it is carried out properly and that no unpleasant side effects or interactions are experienced afterwards. If you are interested in finding out more about how this new facial treatment is performed and whether you will be a suitable candidate, feel free to schedule a consultation with us at our practice as soon as possible.