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Feminization Rhinoplasty
in McLean, VA

A feminization rhinoplasty is a rhinoplasty usually performed in the context of facial feminization surgery (FFS) in Virginia including McLean, Falls Church, Tysons, Arlington plus the Washington DC area. It is performed by Dr. Vartan Mardirossian at the Mardirossian Facial Aesthetics fully licensed surgical suite in McLean, VA.

How is a Feminization Rhinoplasty Different from the Classic Rhinoplasty?

There is no sharp distinction between the two procedures, but they tend to have different priorities. Feminization rhinoplasty is usually performed in the context of FFS surgery and more often in combination with the forehead contouring procedure.

While the main objectives of a classic rhinoplasty are the straightening of the nose, the improvement of the nasal breathing and the general improvement of the nasal aesthetics, the feminization rhinoplasty is designed to make the nose look more feminine with a refined perky tip, a dorsum with a slight scoop, and an overall reduction of the nasal size and the projection.

Feminization Rhinoplasty Before and After Pictures McLean, VA

Before and 3 years after FFS

Procedures performed: type 3 forehead contouring through a coronal approach, browlift, fat grafting to the cheeks, rhinoplasty.

Feminization rhinoplasty is an innovative field that looks for solutions that are often out of the box but that can also be translated in the classic rhinoplasty world. For example, many times in feminization rhinoplasty, following an important nasal skeleton reduction and rearrangement, the amount of skin on the nose and the size of the nostrils are reduced — something that is done less commonly in classic rhinoplasty.

Along with respecting the general aesthetics of the attractive feminine nose, we take the time to listen and respect the specific concerns and desires of every patient.

How is Feminization Rhinoplasty Performed?

This feminization rhinoplasty can be performed either under general anesthesia or under twilight sleep.

Open rhinoplasty involves a small incision between the nostrils that continues hidden in the nasal cavities. Through that incision, the entire nasal skeleton is accessed. By working on the bone and the cartilage of the nose, we are able to remove redundant bone and cartilage; create a gentle scoop; straighten the nose; refine the dorsum and the tip; and rotate and make the tip more or less prominent. In addition to improved aesthetics, an important goal of our rhinoplasty is to improve nasal breathing.

In our practice, the open approach is used for all nasal tip work, nasal reconstructions, and major rhinoplasty revisions. The incision between the nostrils is performed in the area where that distance is the smallest and is closed meticulously to guarantee a virtually invisible incision.

Closed rhinoplasty is performed through a small incision that runs on the inside of one of the nostrils. It is indicated for minor or major dorsal adjustments and minor revisions. A nasal hump can effectively be removed through this approach with refinement and straightening of the dorsum.

Patient Reviews

I am SO HAPPY I chose Dr. Mardirossian to perform my revision rhinoplasty!! I had a terrible experience with a previous surgeon who botched my nose not once, but TWICE. When I went in for my initial consult, Dr. Mardirossian and staff were amazing and made me feel so comfortable and confident in his abilities ! he explained exactly what he would do and how he would fix the problems. I am just over a month post op, and I have never been happier! My nose looks amazing, and it’s STILL healing! I can’t wait to see the progress over the next few months. I can’t thank Dr. Mardirossian enough, he has truly changed my life.

Anna S.

What is Recovery Like After Feminization Rhinoplasty?

Recovery is similar to other rhinoplasty procedures. Swelling generally lasts one to two weeks. You will have a plastic nasal cast for the first seven days after the procedure. This cast provides support and protection for the healing tissue and structure. You should avoid getting the cast wet because that may cause it to fall off. In such a case, Dr. Mardirossian’s team has to be contacted promptly to replace the cast.

You may be advised to use ice for three to seven days following your procedure to allow for proper wound healing. Before you leave, you will be given instructions on when to follow up and how to properly care for the incision sites. There may be some bruising around the eyes, accompanied by puffiness and mild soreness. In some cases, minor bleeding from the nose may occur for a day or two.

To aid the healing process, cold compresses and saline nasal spray may be applied during the recovery period. Once the cast and sutures are removed, patients will be shown how to massage the area, which will reduce the swelling and accelerate healing. Most of our patients go back to their everyday activities seven days after the procedure. Strenuous physical activity can be resumed after three weeks. At this point, immediate improvement in the nose can be evident, but it may take six to 12 months before the full extent of the improvement is apparent.

How Long Will My Rhinoplasty Results Last?

The results of feminization rhinoplasty are permanent. Patients find this procedure particularly appealing not only because of its positive effect on their nasal aesthetic and breathing but also for its major contribution to the improved appearance of the entire face.

Rhinoplasty Before and After Pictures McLean, VA
Fat Transfer and Injections Before and After Pictures in McLean, VA

Contact Mardirossian Facial Aesthetics today to schedule a consultation with Vartan Mardirossian, M.D., F.A.C.S., to see if this procedure is the right solution for you. We offer feminization rhinoplasty to patients in Virginia including McLean, Falls Church, Tysons, Arlington plus the Washington DC area.