Follow-Ups and Self Care

Before you go home, Dr. Mardirossian will speak with you about at-home care and self-care. You will learn how often to change your dressings, what type of medication you can take for your pain and swelling, and what sorts of activities you should avoid – and for how long. Dr. Mardirossian will also answer any questions you might have about your recovery. You will return to the office a few days to a week after your procedure for a follow-up. During this time, the team will check your sutures and assess your healing, all while looking for any signs of infection or other problems. You will return for another follow-up two weeks to a month later; everyone’s schedule is different depending on the procedures they have.

Facial feminization is a huge step in any woman’s journey, and it’s one that requires a great deal of preparation. The written postoperative instructions are available on our website. To learn more about FFS, the recovery or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Mardirossian, contact us via the phone at 703-260-8291 or the fill in the short contact form on our website.