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Rhinoplasty with Dr. Mardirossian

Wanted to have a smaller “cute” look. Dr. Mardirossian is truly an artist and gave me the exact look I was trying to achieve. He is an amazing plastic surgeon and I felt very secure knowing that he specializes in the face. I am very l pleased with my results and would highly recommend him for any facial procedure you are seeking.
Lan J.


Amazing! They truly care about you. I loved that my doctor called to see how I was feeling and not a nurse the day of my surgery.


Outstanding. At first I was worried about having the procedure in the office. After meeting the staff and learning of their credentials, I felt comfortable proceeding. Now, months after the surgery, I would never do it any other way than in Dr. Mardirossian’s office.

Dr. Mardirossian and his entire staff were excellent.

Dr. Mardirossian and his entire staff were excellent. I wish that I wouldn’t have waited so long to have the repair. I was very nervous yet I was quickly put at ease by both the doctor and his surgical nurse. My earlobe was stitched without any pain. I was given clear instructions on how to care for my ear during the few weeks that followed along with an offer to call or email with questions. I went back to the office four weeks later and had my ear re-pierced with no issues. I am now wearing earrings again. Message for others: don’t wait!

Very satisfied!

Very satisfied, happy and thrilled with my results of my s-lift and lower eye procedure. Dr. M has a wonderful, kind bedside manner.


Thank you!

Thank you for answering my endless phone calls and for Carolyn for being the best surgical nurse ever and for visiting me later that evening. And to Michelle for making sure everything went smoothly.
Thank you for all!


Just wanted to say…

Just wanted to say a special thank you for being a part of my transportation journey. You have made this process as pleasant as possible. Your attention to detail and kindness are greatly appreciated.


Thank you for letting me…

Thank you for letting me shadow you for the last few months.  I learned a lot about plastic surgery in addition to what being a good doctor is like.
Thank you so much!


I wanted to thank you…

I wanted to thank you and your staff for making me feel like i’m part of your family and your good humor, but most of all for making me feel beautiful. Dr. M you are amazing. Thank you again.


Dr. M is Awesome!

He takes the time and does a great job!! The staff is professional and always kind.


If everyone was as nice…

If everyone was as nice as you. Thank you for everything!


Thank you for the excellent care…


Professional Staff & Excellent Doctor.

Professional Staff & Excellent Doctor. Highly Recommend.

I like Dr. Mardirossian very much.

I like Dr. Mardirossian very much. He took his time and discussed my options with me. I’m happy with my results. He has a great staff too! 🙂

Excellent doctor

Excellent doctor; would recommend him to everyone. Staff is friendly and right there for any help needed.

I Was in Desperate Need of a Neck Lift

From my consultation appointment I could tell I wanted my procedure done by Dr. Mardirossian and no one else. I had consultations with other plastic surgeons in the area and I am very happy with my decision to have my neck lift done by him. The way with which he answered all my questions made me trust his ability. His bedside manner made my decision easy. What was also impressive is that he called me at home himself to check on me after my procedure.

Super personality!

Super personality, any question that I had he answered. I love the results ! He didn’t mind consulting with my husband as well.

The “Secret” of Looking Naturally Your Best!!!!!!!!

Through the years I have been under the care of several plastic surgeons.. Always trying to chase away father time. Then I was referred to Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Mardirossian.. This amazing team did what I longed for. They turned back the clock on my appearance. They gave me back what time had taken away. The confidence to look in the mirror and love what I see.

My journey to looking amazing started when I met one of my employees wife’s . I found myself staring at her. She was older and looked incredible. I had to ask. What is your secret? She smiled and said a “J-Lift” by Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Mardirossian. I asked to see her scars. She laughed. She had none!!!

I called for a consultation. During my consultation Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Mardirossian addressed all of my needs and concerns. They answered all of my questions. They took their time. I was not rushed. I really liked that. How is this for their integrity. I asked about smart lipo on other parts of my body. They both agreed it was not necessary and I did not need it. I believe any other plastic surgeon would have jumped at the chance to make more money and would have agreed to unnecessary procedure.

I had surgery Oct.7th. I had multiple procedures. An “S-Lift” for my face and neck, filler in my lips, Smart Lipo and RF Therapy on abdomen and flank area just over your hip.

To say I am happy with my results is an understatement… There are no words to express my gratitude to these very skilled surgeons. They took 15 years off my face and neck. They gave me beautiful natural lips. The smart lipo removed the fat I just could not lose and the RF therapy tighten my loose skin from pregnancies. I “use to” have what I called the deflated basketball on my stomach and loose skin on my lower back which I was told by another plastic surgeon – nothing could be done. Well, he was wrong. Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Mardirossian made it all disappear!!!!

After surgery, I was surprised. I had no bruising… None on my face or body. I ask the Dr. Mardirossian how was this possible. He stated it was due to the meticulous surgical technique and the use of a particular type of local anesthesia which decreases bleeding, bruising and pain. Also after 5 hrs in the OR I only took one pain pill. Incredible.

Everyone I know tells me how great I look and “natural”. The greatest compliments that I truly value came from my other physicians. From my dermatologist who was amazed by my natural results and the technique used. I did not have a “pulled” look as patients do after a face lift. To my ob-gyn. My ob-gyn floored me when she said “you must have changed plastic surgeons. You look so natural, so fresh, simply better than I have every seen you look. Before you always had a weird plastic look. You could tell you had something done”. But now you look amazing and wonderfully youthful, natural and NOT done” Wow!!! When my other physicians notice and make such positive comments you know you have an incredible results.

Just another little FYI. My hair is cut extremely short and around the ear. You can’t see or tell I had a face lift. There are no signs that I had surgery. The only thing you can see is I look incredibly “natural” and much younger. I never expected to hear “Natural”. Dr. Jacobson especially devised the S-Lift and J-Lift both are custom type face lift that No other surgeon does. That is the secret of not looking like you had a face lift.

The office staff and the doctors are professional, warm and friendly. The office immaculate. The care you will receive from this remarkable team will make you feel like family and not a patient. I strongly recommend this practice. I am so excited to share “The Secret” of looking “naturally” your best under the care of Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Mardirossian.
Elizabeth C. 

Needed Some Facial Volume

Dr. M. is an outstanding physician. I just tried Volume to achieve some more facial volume, and it was immediate gratification and excellent results. There is virtually no discomfort; no more than a tiny needle prick here and there. Love it and love Dr. Mardirossian. I would only trust a board certified plastic surgeon for any of these procedures; after all this is my face.
Florida R.

55 Years Old and Was in Desperate Need of a Neck Lift

Dr. Mardirossian is professional and genuinely caring. It was a pleasure working with him I am delighted with the terrific outcome of my procedure. Dr Mardirossian’s friendly staff made my experience comfortable from beginning to end. I would recommend Dr. Mardirossian to anyone wanting the very best!

Great Work!!

Super personality, any question that I had he answered. I love the results! He didn’t mind consulting with my husband as well.
Karen F.

Best Experience

Diane, I am fine, in fact I want to thank Everyone there for The Best experience this morning, and I would like to ask you to please pass it on tomorrow. If everyone has an email you can forward this, and/or tell them . . . whatever works for you.

I would like to thank YOU, of course, for ALL of the Support IN EVERY WAY through the Years. AND Carolyn – who goes WAY above and beyond what her job description is – and with whom I feel as comfortable as I could imagine!!!

I am so happy that Darlene is with you! I think that GOD has a special place in God’s heart for Darlene – her personality is unique, she emits warmth and her smiles are as re-assuring as are the nice things she injects into your lines!

I can’t miss thinking of Michelle and Linda in the Operating room and also Joan: she is so patient with all of us as she navigates the phones and front desk. I have also come to so appreciate Rosalia – the most compassionate and honest. She is an addition to the calm, reassuring individuals there.

And not least or last at all, Dr. M! I have come to believe that he DOES listen to what I want, then he puts it through his extraordinarily well-trained and well-educated brain, then filters it through his Artistic gifts and great Abilities to SEE what Can be, and he comes up with What IS the solution! Amazing. While it has been a short time to make a connection with Dr. M., I felt quite at ease with him and formed a nice and I believe, honest, repertoire with him from the first time I met him. He has a good sense of humor, and is plugged in with the now.
Carol W, Jupiter FL

Dr Mardirossian’s easy demeanor and knowledge made me feel very confident!

Dr Mardirossian’s easy demeanor and knowledge made me feel very confident that I had chosen correctly. His attention to my needs was truly touching as going through such a long operation and the healing can be very depressing. The warmth and understanding that he and his staff showed to me was above and beyond anything I expected. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr Mardirossian to anyone.
Allison S.

Dr. Mardirossian is so nice and extremely patient

Dr. Mardirossian is so nice and extremely patient. I was terrified to have this surgery and having gone through a lot in the past, I asked him many questions. He was very interested in my concerns and also wanted to be sure I had realistic expectations. He is an artist, and I am blessed to have found him. You will also love his staff. The aura projected on his website is exactly what it is.

Awesome Results!

I felt very comfortable and not nervous; very professional staff, very clean office.

Dr. Mardirossian and his staff are the best!

Dr. Mardirossian and his staff are the best! I went from Miami all the way up to Jupiter looking for a doctor that did natual looking work like he does and he delivered. The office is beautiful and clean, the staff is warm and comforting, the doctor listens and takes lots of time to answer questions. I was a worry wort after my surgery and Dr. Mardirossian checked in on me several time and also took my calls at home on a weekend. My pictures are in his before and afters. I’m the 33 to 44 something year old bottom right. Ha, I’m 48 now and love the way I look. Thank you Dr. M

Much Better Now!

Dr. Mardirossian really listened to my concerns and desired outcomes. He was very understanding and compassionate. The procedure was done in his office with twilight sedation and I was out and about in two days with no noticeable bruising or swelling. He checked in on me several times after the procedure which made me feel like he really cared. I am very pleased with the result – it is subtle and no one can tell what I have had done. But I look at least 10 years younger – yay!!

Dr. Mardirossian is very professional.

Dr. Mardirossian is very professional. He explained everything and made sure I understood the procedure. He spent a lot of time with me. I had seen pictures of his before and after results and was amazed at the outcomes.

Excellent staff!

Excellent staff – Minimal down time and my expectations were meet. Just excellent Doctor with great since or humor, excellent communication skills, and some of the best follow-up skills I have encountered in years. I even have a friend that is so impressed with his work that she will likely have a similar procedure in the next few months.

Very informative and helpful.

Very informative and helpful. Loved the outcome. First FL experience that met my expectations.

How is everyone doing?

Dear Joan,

How is everyone doing? It has almost been a year since my surgery and I am doing well. I am attaching a current picture for you to see my progress… Life is very good as Sabrina! I want to thank you and Dr. M for your contribution to making me into the woman that I was meant to be. Your kindness and compassion along with the excellent care I received made my experience a wonderful one, along with the great results!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


I recently had surgery on my nose…

Thank You


Mardirossian Facial Aesthetics