A New Growing Trend in Plastic Surgery – Threading

Threaded Facelift

These days, men and women around the world go to great lengths to make themselves appear younger. They undergo facelifts, get filler injections, and even use Botox to essentially paralyze and relax muscle groups to release their wrinkles. One new trend, known as threading, may also work to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by creating a natural-looking lift that does not appear frozen in place.

What Is Threading?

In short, threading is a process by which a plastic surgeon inserts thin and sometimes barbed threads into the face to lift it up. It essentially provides a “support system” that, while far less invasive than a traditional facelift, still provides more natural-looking results than fillers or Botox. Although it may not sound appealing, it is actually not as bad as it sounds. Many surgeons call it one of the most innovative facelift techniques to date, and more and more doctors around the world are offering it to their patients.

Different Types of Threading: Sugar-Based Threads

Two surgeons are innovating the way threading facelifts work. One, Dr. Maurice Gray from Europe, uses a sugar-based thread. He inserts it into the skin for the face-lifting effect, and he says that, on average, it lasts about two years. Not only does it work in the face, but it also works for other areas of the body – the breasts, arms, and even the neck – to create a naturally lifted look. The sugar-based thread stimulates the production of new fibrous tissue, and it dissolves after three to four weeks. The average procedure takes about half an hour, and Dr. Gray says it is completely painless.  

An Alternative: The Woffles Lift

Another prominent surgeon, Dr. Woffles Wu, has also developed a threading technique that shows plenty of promise. His treatment, coined the “Woffles Lift”, that utilizes a similar approach to sugar-based threads. Dr. Wu charges much more for his procedure – up to $11,000 for the mid-face and upper neck – but he claims that it only takes about 30 minutes and that the results last for years and years. Like sugar based threads, Dr. Wu’s Woffles Threat helps create new, thin ligaments that hold the skin in place over time. Although long-term studies are ongoing, the results are promising.

Bringing the Treatments to North America

For the time being, the process of threading is really only prominent in areas of Europe and Asia. A few North American physicians are interested in the procedure, though, because it is only minimally invasive and provides long-lasting, natural looking results. More than likely, you will see threading in the news over the course of the next few years, and you might even consider it for yourself. With amazing results, minimal pain, and a relatively short recovery time, it only makes sense that doctors would offer it to patients who want better results than Botox, but who are not inclined to get (or who are not candidates for) facelifts.

Although new products and technologies show up in surgeons’ offices all the time, very few of them show the same promise that threading does. Although many people are not keen on the idea as of yet, it will likely become just as acceptable as Botox injections in the future.