3 Feminine Facial Features

FFS The process for facial feminization can be a delicate road to travel. Because men and women differ so greatly when it comes to facial features, it is important to understand what steps are needed to be taken and what features on the face need to change so your face can appear more feminine.

Women and transgender individuals who want to have more feminine facial features should focus on these three major areas of change.

The Jaw/Chin

Though jaw shaving and chin shaving are two entirely different procedures, these two features on a woman differ greatly from a man’s.

When it comes to the jaw, men have a distinct and strong jaw line. The jaw line on a man is usually square and lower than a woman’s. A woman, however, has a soft, less dominant jaw line.

The chin and the jaw line go hand in hand since they, in a way, affect each other. The chin on a man is much pointier and naturally square. For a female, the chin is more refined and smoother.

If you want your facial features to appear more feminine, having jaw and chin shaving surgeries can significantly improve the appearance you are seeking. These surgeries will dramatically change the way your face appears and give you a much more feminine look.


When you think of a man and a woman, the nose is one of the first facial features that comes to mind. Women are generally associated with having small, refined noses. Sometimes women are considered to have ‘button’ noses.

A man, on the other hand, is usually associated with having a large, wider nose with more noticeable nostrils.

Your nose can be fixed with a simple rhinoplasty surgery done by a plastic surgeon. Whether you want to change your nose entirely or you have an existing imperfection that you want fixed, your nose can be reshaped easily by a professional. An experienced plastic surgeon will ensure your nose matches naturally with your other facial features.


One of the gender determining factors on a person is their mandible. The mandible is closely related to the jaw line of a male or female. For a man, a strong, prominent mandible is there for chewing, which is mainly defined by the shape of the jaw. For a woman, since their jaws are usually much smaller, the mandible is narrower and tapered – it delicately matches the jaw.

To appear more feminine, a woman or man may have a mandible contouring procedure done. This will allow the reshaping of the mandible, so it can appear smoother and narrower. This procedure can sometimes be done with the reshaping of the chin as well.

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