6 Ways to Feminize Your Eyes

6 Ways to Feminize Your EyesMen have thicker eyebrows and deeper set eyes than women. Their eyelids appear more closed, whereas a woman’s eyes are brighter, eyebrows are thinner and more angled, and the eyes are angled as well. If you want to feminize the look of your eyes, you still have a few options.

Professionally Shape the Eyebrows

An esthetician can thin out and reshape your eyebrows, giving them the appearance of thinner and more angled shapes. But, you need to visit a specialist who knows how to transform male eyebrows into female eyebrows because over plucking could give you a look that is too “drag” and not feminine.

Get Botox Injections

Botox gives you an instant brow lift without surgery. Your eyebrows will raise up and the muscles that normally press your eyebrows downward will lift up. These injections, however, are not permanent and you will have to frequent your plastic surgeon’s office every three to six months for regular injections.

Use Makeup

Your makeup can create a natural contour and perfect your arches. It is all about highlighting the brow bone (after having your eyebrows shaped, of course) with a light, shimmering color.

Focus on Your Lashes

Lashes give the appearance of larger eyes, which is something the male eye is lacking. You will want to invest in a quality mascara that buffs up the appearance of your lashes. Then, follow up with an eyelash curler to help lift and open up your lashes, giving you the appearance of a larger, brighter eye.

Use Eye Makeup that Brightens

You want to use eye makeup that compliments your eye color and brightens it. Avoid gaudy colors and if you have wrinkles, avoid shimmering powders that can set into the eye and enhance your age.

Get a Brow Lift

Your eyebrows contribute to your overall appearance, but also make you appear more feminine. A brow lift surgery is typically performed after the forehead is recontoured, but it can be done on its own as well. This minimally invasive procedure permanently lifts and brightens the eyes, giving you not only a more feminine appearance, but can actually make you look younger.

Meet with a Skilled Facial Feminization Surgeon Today

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