To All Canadian Transgender Patients – We Can Help with FFS!

Canadian Transgender

The general public has been a lot more aware and understanding when it comes to transgender surgery and any of its associated procedures over the past few years – especially now that Caitlyn Jenner has boldly stepped forward. Although this is a good thing, it has also resulted in many patients in Canada having to be put on waiting lists for as long as 2 years before they can have their FFS surgery or even transgender surgery performed.

One FFS Surgery Clinic Available

At present, transition surgery can only be performed at one clinic in Canada; however, James Gardner, radio announcer with CFAX who transitioned from being “Sheila” to “James,” would like to see shorter waiting periods for these types of surgery – he is currently waiting to complete his reassignment surgery as well. He stated that although he didn’t dislike being a woman, he said that he had never felt right about his body. After much research though, he realized that he was transgender. He then began making the transition by taking testosterone supplements to help deepen his voice and give him facial hair and he also had a double mastectomy procedure performed.

Trying to Complete the Process

Garner mentioned that he had received a lot of support from family and friends, all of who accept him for who he is. “It just felt natural. It felt good,” he said. However, his desire to have phalloplasty (surgical construction of the male genitals) performed has been hampered by the fact that only one clinic, GRS Clinic in Montreal, can do it. The clinic’s head surgeon, Dr. Pierre Brassard, stated that there has always been a long waiting list for gender reassignment surgery patients. “I have been doing this since 1994 and the demand has always been there, although the access to care wasn’t,” he said. He further stated, “I feel very good about this work because it really helps patients.”

Dr. Mardirossian Can Assist

Canadian patients who would like to have any form of FFS surgery performed in order to complete their transition process, but who have been severely disappointed by long waiting periods, can visit Dr. Vartan Mardirossian in Florida. He is more than willing to assist patients in Canada as well as the U.S. who would like to have procedures such as rhinoplasty, forehead contouring, mandible shaving, tracheal shaving, jaw shaving and scalp advancement performed. Dr. Mardirossian specializes in providing transgender patients with the feminization procedures they require in order to help them with the gender transformation process.

Transgender patients who are based in the U.S., Canada or other parts of the world who would like to have their FFS surgery procedures performed by a surgeon who is not only experienced and qualified, but who fully understands the needs of these patients should consider scheduling a consultation with Dr. Vartan Mardirossian as soon as it is convenient. This will enable them to complete the gender transition process as quickly and efficiently as possible.