How the Plastic Surgery Industry Is Changing for The Better

Plastic Surgery Industry

More people than ever are getting plastic surgery done. It is a quickly growing industry that expert predictions say will only continue to multiply over the next few decades. In the past, it was primarily those of influence or great wealth who opted to have plastic surgery done, whereas now the largest group of patients consist of young moms. Why the sudden shift? It all boils down to three simple ways the plastic surgery industry is changing for the better.

Less Expensive

When plastic surgery first became the “it” thing for Hollywood starlets in the past, it consisted of operations and procedures which were incredibly expensive. Over time, the price has slowly but gradually decreased so that it is now affordable for the average person with a reasonable amount of time saving.

Also contributing to new affordability is the ability to finance options through programs like Care Credit, and private options offered through some surgeons. These options allow the average person to pay for the procedure of their choice slowly over time, versus having to come up with one considerable sum. For many patients, this is a much more realistic method of paying. They may have the funds necessary each month, but perhaps they have a hard time saving up the entire cost.

Less Stigma

In the past, plastic surgery was viewed as something to be hidden. People were not open about the procedures because it was deemed ‘unnatural.’ People viewed it as something akin to cheating on the challenging work necessary to stay looking your very best. But thanks to many people coming out about their own plastic surgery procedures (like Joan Rivers, Dolly Parton, etc.) the concept has become less stigmatized.

People now understand that in some cases, it is necessary to use both plastic surgery and hard work to achieve difficult fitness or beauty goals. Sometimes exercising, dieting, and over-the-counter beauty products simply aren’t enough. Most importantly, many people now realize plastic surgery is nothing to be ashamed of… which brings us to our last point.

More Awareness

Another crucial factor in the changing industry is the growth of public awareness on what it actually does. For example, many individuals did not know until recently that a substantial portion of plastic surgery is done for medical purposes, such as birth defects or scarring from accidents. Plastic surgery gives breast cancer patients the ability to ‘feel like a woman again.’ It can also be used by people who have lost considerable amounts of weight to help fix the folds of skin left afterwards.

Now people are realizing plastic surgery is not simply to make people look better, but is more about making people feel better. Young moms who have finished having their children are given the opportunity to reduce a little of the wear and tear they put on their bodies by giving birth. They can get back a little of that confidence they felt before their children.