Fraxel Laser Resurfacing Patient Discharge Instructions


  1. After the Fraxel Laser treatment you may experience some redness and swelling.  For mild discomfort and/or stinging, use ice packs as needed for ten minutes intervals every hour for the next 24 hours.  You may also take any Ibuprofen medication.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids (water or juice) to keep hydrated.
  3. You may take showers or baths, but avoid using a washcloth or scrubbing the treated area for 24 hours.
  4. Wear sun block of 30 SPF or greater and moisturize with any non petroleum based moisturizer.  You may apply make up the day following the treatment.
  5. Avoid use of anti-aging products (Retin-A) or petroleum based products for two weeks following the last procedure.
  6. Continue use of antiviral prophylaxis for Herpes Simplex virus.
  7. In 1 to 5 days your skin may bronze (like a sun tan) and then peel.


  • Severe swelling occurs
  • Blisters appear


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