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A common feature of aging is the descent of the upper lip, obscuring and completely covering the upper teeth.  This can detriment the attractiveness of the mouth area and betray age.  In youth, the upper lip often reveals the upper row of teeth in an appealing manner.

To counter this flaw, Dr. Vartan Mardirossian performs the lip lift procedure, which restores fullness to the upper lip as well as displays the teeth in an aesthetically pleasing way. The lip lift and augmentation procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and involves a small incision made at the base of the nose.  A small amount of skin is removed and then the incision is carefully closed. This creates a natural plumpness to the upper lip and facilitates a brighter, more attractive smile. Because the incision is made beneath the nose, it leaves behind a virtually invisible scar.

In addition to this surgical method, lips can also be cosmetically enhanced with natural, synthetic, solid or injected implants which enhance their fullness. One of the most popular procedures is to inject filler into the lips.  This procedure can be performed quickly in the doctor’s office while the patient is under local anesthesia. The other option for a permanent natural result is the use of nonabsorbable FDA-approved silicone implants for the lips.

A final option for patients seeking fuller lips is the dermal fat graft which transfers the patient’s own living fat, skin and soft tissue to enhance lip volume and appearance.  By using your own tissue,  Dr. Mardirossian can enhance your lips without fear of allergic reactions.  Unlike a typical fat graft, the dermal graft limits the possibility of extrusion or re-absorption which can diminish the surgical outcome over time. It is also quite common for patients to combine a dermal fat graft to the lips or the area around the mouth with a browlift or facelift. Dressings are unnecessary for this procedure.

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