Neck Lifts One of the Fastest Growing Procedures – Here’s Why!

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Per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, neck lifts are one of the fastest-growing procedures among patients seeking plastic surgery. The reasons for this vary, but it often has to do with people’s desire to look younger so they feel better about themselves.

Your Age Is Showing

Although your hands are arguably the very first part of your body to show your age, it’s your face that people really pay attention to when you’re addressing them in a social or work setting. In this case, it’s your neck that begins to show your age before anything else. The skin on your neck thins over time, and due to the lack of collagen and the effects of gravity, it can start to sag. This can prematurely show age, even if your face is still youthful. That’s one of the reasons why neck lifts are growing increasingly popular.

Competition at Work

People are living longer now than they ever have before, and this means that more people are staying in the workforce even as retirement age draws near. Unfortunately, social stigma seems to lead people to believe that younger people are more capable of handling the jobs with the most responsibility, the longest hours, and, in most cases, the highest pay. Many people seek neck lifts to improve their overall physical appearance, which gives the impression that they are younger than they really are. This helps people feel more competitive in the workplace for years to come.

They’re Simple

As far as plastic surgeries go, neck lifts are one of the simplest and most affordable procedures available. In some cases, optimal results can be achieved by simply removing excess fat in the neck area. In others, the surgeon will remove excess skin and fat, or even tighten the muscles in the neck. Although most surgeons perform it in conjunction with other procedures – such as eyelid rejuvenation or brow lifts – it can also be performed as a stand-alone procedure in most cases. You may need to take up to two weeks off work depending on the type of surgery you have and your unique situation.

Lasting Results

Although there are some rejuvenation procedures that can improve the overall look of the neck area, these are temporary. A neck lift is fairly permanent, and while results are said to last between five and 10 years, they can last longer when the surgery is performed by a highly experienced surgeon. Scarring is minimal, as well, which means no one will be able to pinpoint that you’ve had surgery. If you quit smoking and adopt a healthy lifestyle, you can expect the best possible results from your neck lift surgery.

Although neck lifts aren’t the most popular of the plastic surgeries, they’re quickly climbing the ladder. More people than ever before are discovering how a simple neck lift can completely change their appearances and even their lives for the better. Talk to your surgeon today to find out if you’re a good candidate for a neck lift surgery.

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