Cosmetic Surgery: First Impressions Last the Longest

You can’t judge a book by its cover. But, you know, that doesn’t seem to stop us. Humans are judgmental, whether we like to admit it or not. We’ve all heard this before: The first impression lasts the longest—and it’s true too!

Studies from Princeton University indicate people make their first impressions just a fraction of a second after meeting someone for the first time. Trustworthiness, likeability, and attraction are all characteristics we can judge in less than one second.

Although cosmetic surgery can sometimes come with a stigma, here are some common questions surrounding certain procedures as well as how it can change someone’s life…for the better.

1. What is the best approach to purchasing cosmetic surgery for a loved one?

Individuals undergoing any type of plastic surgery procedure should be fully open and really desire the procedure. It is important to manage expectations for all patients and to make sure he or she understands the full effects of a particular procedure, since they can vary between patients and individuals.

2. What’s the average recovery time period for a procedure?

Most procedures today are minimally invasive, which means the amount of actual surgery is minimal. This also means that recovery down time is relatively short. Facelifts and neck lifts are great examples of common, minimally invasive procedures that can be completed in one day.

Furthermore, most patients recover in an outpatient setting. Anesthesia techniques are also minimal and can help limit the pain following a procedure. Dressings are kept for approximately 18 to 24 hours.

3. How much do procedures cost?

Minimally invasive J-Lifts and facelifts cost approximately $6,000 to $7,000. A lip lift can cost as little as $2,000. Additionally, the lip lift is a nice lunchtime procedure, which is performed in the office in thirty to forty-five minutes.

4. How is a patient’s self-esteem affected by a procedure?

Self-esteem is a major psychological factor. Cosmetic surgery significantly helps improve self-esteem in patients. Referring back to the first question, it’s about managing patient expectations. If a patient wants a particular look or appearance, then a professional plastic surgeon should discuss the pros and cons with the individual to ensure that the outcome and results are what he or she desires.

5. Is there a stigma attached to plastic surgery?

Humans are judgmental. Unfortunately, some stigma does exist in some environments. However, the most important aspect to cosmetic surgery is for the patient to feel better about their appearance and themselves after a procedure.

On the other hand, plastic surgery has grown in popularity and become more affordable over the years. Many techniques have become minimally invasive and down time for recovery is relatively short. Cosmetic surgery is now closer to patients today than ever before.

About the Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence

Dr. Mardirossian at the Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence takes the time to discuss the pros and cons of each procedure with each patient. He believes that managing patient expectations is one of the most important things he can do for a patient who comes into the office.

Dr. Mardirossian comes from a great deal of education and experience, which he is more than happy to share with any of his clients. Clients are always interested in the background, qualifications, credentials, and even other patients’ success stories. Dr. Mardirossian has perfected plastic surgery procedures all over the world, and even assisted some victims from the Boston Marathon bombing. Being able to make a difference in patients’ lives is very dear to Dr. Mardirossian.

If you have ever thought about a plastic surgery procedure, or are curious to know how one could benefit you, contact the Jacobson & Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence in Jupiter, Florida today at 561-624-0900.