How to Mentally Prepare the Night before your Plastic Surgery

preparing for plastic surgery

Having plastic surgery performed is an exciting process for most patients. Being well-prepared beforehand in a mental and physical capacity though, will ensure that your procedure and recovery goes as smoothly as possible. Below are some tips to help you prepare mentally and emotionally right before having your procedure performed.

Ensure that you are Fully Educated

Although most forms of plastic surgery are minimally invasive nowadays, it is still surgery after all – which means that you could find yourself feeling a little stressed and pensive beforehand. However, the night before your surgery is not the time to be doing research about the procedure(s) you will be having done in the morning. This will only cause you to start second-guessing whether you should have surgery performed or not and thinking about every little thing that ‘could go wrong ‘– which will in turn cause even more stress. Rest assured that you already have all of the information you need from your surgeon and you will be well on your way to feeling calm.

Avoid Alcohol or Medication

While it may be tempting to have a drink before bed or use sleeping medication to relax you the night before your surgery, this is not recommended. The alcohol could cause your blood to thin out, which will in turn result in excessive bleeding occurring – many medications have the same effect. Some vitamins and supplements may need to be avoided beforehand as well – this should be discussed with your surgeon. Instead, opt for a more natural approach such as a glass of warm milk with a little honey or a cup of tea to help you relax your mind and body before drifting off into dreamland.

Consider Engaging in Relaxation Exercises

If you find that you are stressing out or struggling to fall asleep the night before having plastic surgery, engaging in meditation can be a fantastic way to relax and calm your mind. A few great ways to do this can include doing deep breathing exercises or meditation, having a massage or even opting for an acupuncture session. In many cases, performing activities like yoga or Tai Chi can provide a tremendous amount of relaxation before a stressful event like surgery as well.

Be Well-Rested

Getting enough sleep the night before having plastic surgery done will not only help calm your mind; a well-rested body will be one that responds well to surgery and any anesthesia that may be required. If possible, go to bed a little earlier so that you can get enough sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to have your surgery performed. Aim to get at least 7 to 8 hours’ sleep – any less and you will feel tired and irritable, and much more than that will cause you to feel groggy.

Most importantly, it is essential to maintain a positive attitude from the time you have decided to have surgery performed to the time you wake up afterwards. Feel free to schedule an appointment with our surgeons if you would like to obtain further information on having plastic surgery performed.