What is Rhinoplasty?

Have you ever heard of Rhinoplasty? For those who are unfamiliar with plastic surgery and the various treatment options and procedures, Rhinoplasty might be new. Rhinoplasty is often referred to as a “nose job” and is the procedure that involves reshaping the nose to give a patient their desired features on his or her face.

Experienced Rahinoplasty Surgeons

The nose is by far one of the most prominent features on the face. Not only is it important for us to breathe, but it plays a critical role in balancing the aesthetic and symmetry of the face. This is just one reason why the experienced plastic surgeons at the Jacobson and Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence recognize this importance and strives to continue and create the necessary balance between the nose and the overall shape of the face that is not only attractive, but a beautiful work of art.

Furthermore, while many plastic surgeons will often reshape or re-contour the nose and face, in many cases the end result looks artificial and unnatural. This is where Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Mardirossian and their team of plastic surgery professionals take the time and care to put their skills and expertise to work to properly re-contour the nose and face all while retaining its natural shape and with as little “artificial” modifications as possible. The procedure method that Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Mardirossian have perfected not only maintains the symmetrical and natural appeal of the face, but also meets clients’ desired appearances and the results they would like to see from the procedure.

Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Procedure

In addition to a Rhinoplasty procedure, a client can also opt to have work done on the cheeks. This can be done by using either plastics or supplemental materials to “puff” out the cheeks and chin, or by using fat from other areas of the body. Using this “fat transfer” procedure will leave more of a lasting, natural impression on the face rather than the use of materials. Using plastic materials in any type of Rhinoplasty or plastic surgery procedure runs the risk of infection in patients.

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Rhinoplasty plastic surgery procedures are conducted under general anesthesia and involve sculpting the cartilage of the nose and face. To go into further detail, the procedure usually requires refining the nasal tip and thinning the nasal bone. Then, small incisions are made at the base of the nose or along the inside of the nasal passage, thereby eliminating any visible scars and leaving a more natural, attractive, and beautiful appearance.

After the procedure, patients must wear a “cast” to protect the nose. This cast allows for proper healing of the nose and to protect the structure through the healing process. Minimal bruising around the eyes is normal in addition to some swelling and soreness. Some bleeding from the nose is also normal. Once the cast is removed, patients will be shown how to massage the area during their follow up appointments, which are scheduled with Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Mardirossian after every procedure. Full recovery time can be between six to twelve months.

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