5 Common Misconceptions about Nose Jobs

Nose Job

When it comes to rhinoplasty, more commonly called a “nose job”, there are plenty of myths out there. If you’re considering this surgery, make sure you fully understand that not everything you hear is true. Here are five common misconceptions along with the truth behind them.

#1 – It Doesn’t Look Natural

You’ve probably seen a few nose jobs that didn’t look natural. Some may look pinched, and others may look far too small for a person’s face. This occurs in one of two instances. Either the patient insisted on a nose size and shape that does not truly match his or her face, or the plastic surgeon performing the procedure wasn’t skilled enough to provide a natural look. For every unrealistic nose job you see, there are dozens more that look so natural, you’ll never even know surgery was involved.

#2 – It’s Too Expensive

Another common misconception has to do with the cost of rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, many people think that only very wealthy people can afford this surgery. Though this may have been true several decades ago, things have changed. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgeries, and the technologies and procedures used to perform them have been perfected over the years. Now, you can get a nose job as an outpatient procedure, which helps cut costs substantially.

#3 – You Can Make Your Nose Look However You Want

There’s no doubt that you can completely change the way you look with plastic surgery, but referring back to the first misconception, it may not look natural. Remember that the surgeon’s goal is to help you address your concerns while still providing facial features that look natural and suit your face. Your bone structure and face shape will play a significant role in determining the outcome of your procedure.

#4 – It Can Change Your Voice

There are some people out there who claimed that rhinoplasty changed the way their voices sounded. Truthfully, most patients do not notice any vocal changes. Those who do are reassured that the changes are only temporary. They may sound “stuffy” or “nasal” due to swelling inside the nasal passages. Those who had obstructed airways may notice changes after surgery, as well.

#5 – Any Plastic Surgeon Can Do It

A nose job is one of the most common procedures in plastic surgery, and this has created a misconception that any plastic surgeon who is board certified can do it. Although it is a relatively basic and often outpatient procedure, not every plastic surgeon has the experience or talent to do it perfectly. After all, the face you put forward is how the world sees you, and you wouldn’t want to put that in just any surgeon’s hands. You should find an experienced plastic surgeon who gets great reviews from previous clients, and one who takes the time to fully understand what you want.

Rhinoplasty may be one of the most common procedures out there, and the procedures used to do it might be trusted and tested, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task or one that just anyone can perform. In fact, you’ll need a talented surgeon with a talented team to get the results you want.

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