Voice Feminization Surgery

Feminization is about more than simply appearance. In fact, part of transitioning involves feminizing the voice, as well. The end result should be a natural, more feminine voice. The surgery itself is minimally invasive and usually involves only the vocal cords.

Voice Feminization Before

Voice Feminization After

Voice Feminization After

Voice Feminization Before & After

How It Works

During a voice feminization surgery, the doctor will shorten your vocal cords which produces a higher-pitched and more feminine voice. In some cases, the surgeon may also shorten the pharynx, or throat, in order to cut off the lower range and perhaps add a few extra notes on the upper range. While it certainly isn’t right for every patient and every scenario, voice feminization surgery works best for those who have undergone and are willing to continue to undergo speech therapy.

What to Expect

Keep in mind that most voice feminization surgeries can only truly affect the pitch of the voice, and not the resonance, which can also affect the way a patient’s voice sounds. Oftentimes, results are dependent on the success of the surgery along with the patient’s effort to undergo voice retraining, much as a singer is taught to use and control higher octaves. Surgeons often plan these procedures based on the individual patients’ needs, so speaking to the surgeon before the procedure is the best way to determine what to expect.

Before and After Surgery

There are no special precautions for patients to take prior to surgery, though the doctor may ask that patients refrain from eating or drinking during a specific timeframe as it does require general anesthesia. Following the surgery, patients often find that their voices are deeper due to the swelling of the larynx. It may get worse before it gets better, and it may take several months for the roughness to dissipate completely. It generally takes six weeks or so before patients are fully healed and able to reach some of their higher pitches.

Voice feminization surgery is just one of many procedures designed to help people look, sound, and feel more feminine, thus reflecting their inner selves to those in the outside world. Speak with the team at Palm Beach Plastics to discover if voice feminization is right for you.

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