5 Ways to Get Ready for Beach Season

Getting Ready for Beach Season

Beach season is right around the corner. Are you ready? If not, don’t fret – most people would tell you they aren’t prepared for beach season either. The good news is it’s never too late to get ready. Just use these five great ways to get ready now.

Botox Facial Injections

You can make sure your skin is looking it’s very best by getting Botox facial injections. These injections will make your face appear smoother, fuller, and more youthful. Be sure to schedule your injections for a time when you don’t plan to be outside directly after. Although most people can go about their normal day, some people do feel tenderness or experience bruising directly following the procedure. To be on the safe side, give your skin a minimum of three days to heal before you hit the beach.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are all the rage in skincare. You can diminish the appearance of imperfections, get a deep down clean, and make skin smoother by shedding the top layers of skin. The results are breath-taking. You won’t be able to stop touching your skin after feeling how smooth it is!

Scar Revision

Scars are often unavoidable, but they can drastically effect your confidence in rocking your bikini. Scars can be left over from cesareans, accidents, sports injuries, illnesses, and a whole host of other things. Scar revision can help to greatly diminish the appearance of scars, making them appear more faded and less noticeable.  If you have scars holding  you back, this is an absolute must-do to get ready for beach season.


Dieting isn’t about eating less, or starving yourself. Dieting is about making healthy choices, practicing appropriate portion control, and indulging a little less often. A few minor changes can make a dramatic difference in a short amount of time, and those small changes are easier to upkeep. For example, cutting out just one soda and one snack cake every day (a Twinkie, for example) is reducing your diet by 305 calories a day. Substitute a bottle of icy water, and some celery sticks instead. You’ll be giving your body what you need, and by making that one slight change you can lose a pound’s worth of calories every 5 days!  


Exercise can help tone your muscles, reduce body fat, and make you feel good. Your skin reaps benefits, too, because moderate exercise helps tone your skin right along with those muscles.  Small steps can see big results over the long-term. A 130-pound person walking at a moderate pace will burn approximately 2 pounds every minute. If you do this for just 15 minutes every day, you’re burning an extra 210 calories every week. That means every seven weeks you’ll burn an extra pound with minimal effort, and – more importantly – you’ll keep it off, because you’re making a small, sustainable change.