Anti-Aging Best Practices We Can All Start Now

Anti Aging

Many people purchase products every single day designed to remove wrinkles, whiten teeth, fade age spots, and turn back the hands of time. The sad truth is that there is no fountain of youth. The best way to enjoy a younger, healthier appearance is to get involved in anti-aging practices early and prevent the wrinkles before they begin. Here are five anti-aging tips we can all start right now.

#1 – Stop Smoking

If you smoke, you are prone to wrinkles around your mouth and between your eyebrows since these facial muscles must contract in order to draw on the cigarette. Not only will quitting smoking how help you protect your lungs, your heart, and your body in general, but it will also prevent wrinkles, reduce the number of contaminants in your blood that eventually reach your skin, and help you enjoy a more youthful, glowing look over time.

#2 – Use SPF Religiously  

In today’s day and age, most of us have a tube of sunblock in a cabinet somewhere, and we can remember to slather it on before we go to the zoo, park, or beach. Unfortunately, it only takes a few minutes of harmful UV exposure per day to cause wrinkles and even skin cancer. Sunblock is one of the best anti-aging treatments in the world. It prevents UV rays from penetrating your skin, releasing free radicals, and destroying the tissues beneath. Remember to put on your sunblock each morning before you leave the house, and consider investing in high SPF makeup if you want simplicity.

#3 – Drink More Water

Numerous studies show how the effects of dehydration make people appear much older than they really are. It is important to consume at least 64 ounces of water per day – or eight 8-ounce glasses – in order to make sure that enough of the water you consume reaches your skin and provides your skin cells with the fuel they need. Dehydrated skin is flaky, dry, and brittle, and because it is not as resilient, it wrinkles easier, too. Water is the best (and oldest) anti-aging treatment in the world, so make sure you get enough each day.

#4 – Get More Sleep

In today’s busy world, very few adults actually get enough sleep. While most of us can function on five or six hours if we depend on caffeine and sugar, this opens a Pandora’s box of trouble. Coffee stains your teeth, making you look older, and sugars cause inflammation throughout the body that stiffens the soft collagen in your skin. Rather than gearing up with sugar- or caffeine-laden beverages in the morning, try getting seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Your body and your appearance will thank you.

#5 – Exercise a Little Every Day

We all know that exercise is good for our bodies. It helps keep our weight in check, and it wards off a number of health conditions including diabetes and heart problems. However, exercise is also important for a youthful appearance, and most people could benefit from this anti-aging treatment. Cardiovascular and aerobic activities, especially, improve the function of our hearts and lungs. When this happens, more oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood makes it to our skin, and our skin can replenish collagen and moisture with ease.

People all over the world want an anti-aging cure that allows them to reverse the effects of time. The best anti-aging practices are those that take care of your whole body. Exercising, sleeping right, and staying hydrated are often just as effective as expensive creams.