Why a Nightly Skin Regime for your Face is So Important

Nightly Skin Regime

Millions of women go to bed each night without removing their makeup or performing any type of cleansing routine. While they may think that this saves them time and effort, the truth is that over time, their skin will suffer significant damage. Noted below are just a few reasons why you need to get into the habit of implementing a nightly sin care regime for your face.

Look Younger for Longer

Ensuring that all makeup and other skincare products are properly washed off your face before going to bed each night will help stimulate the internal processes that fight against aging. During the night, your skin requires an uninterrupted supply of oxygen to repair and rejuvenate itself, and going to bed while wearing makeup will deprive your skin of this essential nutrient. Removing your makeup before bed will also ensure that your skin doesn’t look dull and lifeless the following morning.

Keep your Pores as Small as Possible

When makeup is not removed before going to bed, you are also allowing excess sebum (oil), dirt, dead skin cells and other forms of pollution to remain on your skin longer than is necessary. In addition, makeup has the ability to sink extremely deeply into the skin’s pores and clog them. Using the right cleanser for your skin type will help ensure that your pores are kept clean and will not become enlarged over time. As you age, it becomes more crucial than ever to allow your skin to breathe at night because a lack of oxygen can generate free radicals, causing it to lose elasticity prematurely.

Prevent your Skin from Dehydrating

Your skin’s temperature rises during the night, which results in it losing a significant amount of moisture. This results in the skin feeling itchier during the night. Not washing makeup off of your face before going to bed at night means that you will not be able to apply a night time moisturizing product to help ensure that your facial skin remains hydrated while you are asleep.

Enable Anti-Aging Ingredients to do their Job

Blood flow through the facial skin is higher during night time hours. This results in more harmful ingredients from your makeup and cosmetic products being absorbed into your body when your face is not washed before bed. It also prevents you from being able to use other products to help fight the signs of aging or to treat other skin conditions that you may have.

Failing to wash your face or at least ensure that all traces of makeup are removed before retiring for the night will prevent you from having the smoothest, softest and clearest skin possible. Always ensure that you use the correct types of products for your skin type as well. If you are unsure of what skin type you have, it is recommended that you chat with a dermatologist or skin specialist before purchasing makeup or cleanser to use on your face.