This Japanese Cleansing Trend is Growing in Popularity Very Quickly

Facial Cleanse

It seems as if everyone develops his or her own unique cleansing ritual over time. You may have your own products and tools for cleansing your face, and you may swear by them, too. However, there’s a Japanese trend that’s gaining ground very quickly, and you might want to try it for yourself. Here’s what you need to know about hot facial cleansing and its benefits.

What Is Hot Facial Cleansing?

The act of hot facial cleansing involves using a gel-based facial product that heats up when you massage it. Simply put some of the product on your fingertips, massage it into the skin on your face and neck (sans water), and let it sit for 30 seconds before rinsing with warm water. It may seem crazy to some, but it’s actually proving to be quite beneficial. Those who have tried hot facial cleansing report fresher, more radiant skin that continues to improve over time.

What Does It Feel Like?

Per those who have tried the gels designed to warm the face, the sensation is hot; not warm or tingly like some other products. In fact, it’s been compared to sitting in a sauna, but it doesn’t cause any real pain, burning or discomfort. It’s more of a surprise than anything, and people have actually grown fond of the way the cleansers make their skin feel. The after-effect of the cleansing has been compared to the cooling effect of tea tree oil by many.

Why Does It Work So Well?

When things are warm, they expand, and when they’re cold, they contract. The pores on your face are certainly no different. By using a product that causes a thermogenic reaction on the surface of your skin, your pores begin to open and the toxins inside them release. Then, when you rinse your face with warm water, the toxins that may cause blemishes or buildup are washed away, leaving nothing but fresh, clean, blemish-free skin behind.

Is it Moisturizing?

Many of the facial cleansers available today claim to be moisturizing, but in truth, they merely create an artificial moisture barrier between your skin and the environment. This can help your skin retain moisture, but only as long as that artificial layer is in place. The products used in Japanese hot facial cleansing do much more than simply create an artificial barrier; they help your skin rebuild and strengthen its own moisture barrier. This means your skin will be moisturized without a greasy or oily feel.

Where Can You Find It?

Although this trend is sweeping Japan, there aren’t any American cosmetic companies offering the heated gel cleanser just yet. It’s possible to find them on eBay, but this is not recommended for obvious reasons. Products like these should be purchased from trusted sellers, and most skincare experts believe it’s only a matter of time before some of the biggest US brands start carrying their own hot facial cleansing gels.

Hot facial cleansing is backed by science, and people in Japan simply can’t get enough. The pore-opening, toxin-freeing practice is one that can improve the overall health of your skin over time, and it can potentially help delay the aging process with fantastic plumping and moisturization, too.