What Does It Mean to Never Forget a Face?

Forgetting a Face

Facial recognition is a really interesting topic.

It’s recently evolved to the point where science is starting to understand how the brain “connects the dots” when analyzing and recognizing faces.

In addition, we’re starting to understand why some people are better than others at identifying faces.

Here are some important things you should know:

Facial Perception Plays a Central Role in Social Interaction

The face helps us determine the identity, attractiveness, gender, age, mood, and race of a person. It takes only seconds for the brain to analyze a face and make (correct or incorrect) assumptions about a person based on their facial appearance.

The brain analyzes a face by coding:

  • Physical characteristics
  • Identity
  • Personality

It is through this three-stage process that the brain can put a face in it’s “memory bank”. Any noticeably positive physical attributes (i.e. beautiful eyes, full lips, sleek jawline, etc.) are more easily recognized and recalled.

Everyone Recognizes Faces to a Different Degree

There’s a broad spectrum of facial recognition. While some are considered “blind” when it comes to facial recognition, others are considered “geniuses”—possessing the ability to recognize faces from as far back as childhood.

Having a strong sense of facial recognition is (in some ways) a great gift. It allows people to instantly recognize and connect. But, it can also have negative effects—imagine being in a supermarket and someone you haven’t seen (and don’t remember) in twenty years approaches you and strikes up a conversation. Super awkward.

Gender Plays a Role in Facial Recognition

Studies have shown that women recognize faces better than men. In addition, women have an extra strong ability to recognize and recall a man’s face.

One of the keys to facial recognition for men lies in the positive physical attributes mentioned above. It’s no secret that men use their eyes to scan for potential mates.

Personality Plays a Role in Facial Recognition

Studies have shown that compassionate people are better at facial recognition. Their emphatic personality allows them to “feel” rather than just “see”. This might be the reason women are better than men.

In addition, it’s been proven that people with less anxiety are able to recognize faces at an above average level. This might be in part due to their ability to concentrate better than those that suffer from anxiety and depression.


The importance of the face should never be overlooked. Because it plays a central role in communication, it’s important that your face is always in the best possible condition. If you suffer from unwanted facial attributes, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll set you up with an appointment and give you all the cosmetic and plastic surgery information you’re interested in.