What Is the New Super Botox Facelift?


Botox has been used for cosmetic enhancement for many years now, but a “new” treatment option may just take its place. Mesotherapy is not a new concept, but thanks to Hollywood A-listers who are discovering its full potential, it is sweeping the country and is undeniably the next big thing.

What Is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy was originally developed to promote fat loss and burn away cellulite with vitamins, minerals, and pharmaceutical ingredients. Traditionally, they are injected into subcutaneous fat and target adipose fat cells, causing them to rupture and die. Although the results are quite limited in nature, and it works better on some areas of the body than others, doctors are finding new ways to make the most of these miniscule injections.

Mesotherapy for Aging and Aging Prevention

Even though people across the country are describing mesotherapy as “super Botox”, the truth is that it contains no Botox whatsoever. In fact, the only similarities between the two are the method of delivery and the end result – a younger-looking face. Mesotherapy, in short, involves using needles to inject vitamins and minerals into the skin on and around the face. It’s much like taking vitamin pills and supplements that promise a youthful glow, but with better bioavailability and almost instant results.

How Does It Work?

The cosmetic surgeons offering mesotherapy administer a series of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids via a needle at several sites on and around the face, much like Botox is administered. The best part is that many of the cutting-edge experts around the world will actually prescribe their patients their very own personalized infusion, especially since certain amino acids, vitamins, and minerals can help to resolve different issues. For example, someone with deep creases may need a different formulation than someone dealing with dark spots or enlarged pores.

Combining Mesotherapy with Botox

Dr. Frances Prenna Jones, a London-based doctor who truly believes in the benefits of mesotherapy, has created her very own treatment that combines mesotherapy with Botox therapy. While she says that the classic mesotherapy cocktail will always consist of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own, she’s found that her version of “deep meso” which penetrates deeper into the dermal layers, combined with “super Botox” which leaves skin fresh and plump produces spectacular results her clients rave about.

Is It Right for Everyone?

Mesotherapy is a great starting point for men and women of all ages, whether they are interested in starting an anti-aging regimen in their 30s or combatting wrinkles in their 40s and beyond. For the most part, it requires four series of injections that feed the skin and give it the nutrients it needs to heal itself and regenerate at any age. What’s more, the addition of Botox can help to reduce wrinkles even further, which is why more and more doctors are adding it to their mesotherapy sessions.

The new “super Botox” facelift is a combination of targeted mesotherapy and Botox injections that combine to not only help restore skin’s youthfulness immediately, but also to provide the skin the vitamins and nutrients it needs to heal itself from the inside out.