Why Are So Many Still So Scared to Admit Their Plastic Surgery?

Taboo Plastic Surgery

Although the number of people who opt to have cosmetic surgery continues to go up each and every year, the number of people talking about it doesn’t really change much. Why are so many people so reluctant to admit or discuss their surgeries? Some of the reasons may surprise you.

They Don’t Want to Admit Their Flaws

There are some people who have elective cosmetic procedures feel as if they are flawed in some way, and they believe surgery will improve them. For many of those people, admitting to the surgery is the same as admitting their flaws – the flaws they went under the knife and paid a lot of money to reverse. As such, these people may avoid the topic, laugh off any mention of their improved look, or even get nervous or defensive when asked if they’ve had a procedure. Doing so would mean admitting that they were imperfect to begin with, and that defeats the purpose of the surgery.

They Feel as if Surgery is Taboo

For the last several decades, there’s been a negative social stigma attached to plastic surgery. It’s been taught that people who undergo these procedures must be vain, or that they must have something they need to prove to the world. In fact, some of the people who find themselves going under the knife as they get older were some of the very same people who said, “I would never.” As such, by admitting their surgeries, they feel as if they’re cheating.

They Want People to Believe They’re Naturally Beautiful

In today’s society – and for the last few decades – there’s been quite a bit of emphasis placed on natural beauty. In fact, you might even hear people use the phrase “she’s a natural beauty” when referring to someone they find especially attractive. Although this is a wonderful thing, much of the natural beauty we see today isn’t as natural as we might think. Surgeons have learned new procedures and honed their talents to the point that they can make cosmetic procedures look as natural as nature itself. Sometimes, people don’t admit to surgeries because they want others to believe that their beauty is natural.

They Don’t Want to Give Away Their Ages

Finally, it’s important to consider that the older generations are those who are electing to have the most cosmetic procedures, and their reasons are a bit startling. They want to look younger – but not because they’re vain. It’s because they still feel young, and they want to be able to compete with younger generations in the workplace. As employers continue to hire younger and younger people for their fresh perspectives and knowledge, the older generation misses out on deserved promotions based on decades of hard work. As a result, they have surgeries to appear younger, and admitting those surgeries would also mean admitting their ages.

There are many reasons why people struggle to admit that they’ve had plastic surgery, but there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Millennials who opt for procedures like breast implants, chin implants, rhinoplasty, and even procedures like Botox aren’t afraid to admit it. They’re more open than ever, and it’s hoped that this trend continues into the future.