3 Facelift Options for 2015

A facelift is not just a one-size-fits-all process. Facelifts are comprised of multiple options and there are even ways to give your face a little uplift without surgery. So if you want a more youthful you in 2015, here are a few facelift options.


Botox surgeryBotox is non-surgical and great if you want a simple, quick procedure and noticeable lift. While it does not provide the same long-term results as a surgical facelift, it is preferred by a lot of patients simply because they don’t have a long recovery time. Botox is administered by a professional, in-office, using tiny injections into the muscles. (Learn more about Botox.)

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J lift surgeryA J-lift is a type of facelift preferred by most patients. It is a natural procedure that involves more of a facial rejuvenation than traditional plastic supplements. These are so easy to recover from that you won’t be under general anesthesia when you go through it.

It’s ideal if you want smoother, younger looking skin and a short recovery time. You will still need to wear bandages for the first 24 hours, but after that you will be able to resume your normal activities in just five days, while a traditional facelift takes longer.

J-lifts offer immediate, long-term results making it a nice option between Botox and a traditional facelift. You can learn more about a J-lift here.

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Facelift SurgeryTraditional facelifts are not just a single surgery; in fact, it involves three separate surgeries to make your face look younger. First there is the lateral brow lift, which lifts and heightens the eyebrows giving you a happier, more youthful appearance. Second you’ll have the mid-face lift, which rejuvenates the rest of your face and reduces the loose skin. Third and last is the S-lift. This procedure removes sagging skin on the chin, neck, and cheeks.

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Which Facelift Option is Right for You? Meet with a Skilled Cosmetic Surgeon in West Palm Beach.

Deciding which procedure is right for you is not easy. It is best to meet with a skilled plastic surgeon to see which procedure works best with your facial type, age, and other factors. West Palm Beach cosmetic surgeons at Jacobson & Mardirossian’s Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence can help you determine which procedure is best for you with a no obligation consultation. We’ll go over the facelift procedures and help you decide which is right for your time, needs, and even your budget.