3 Surgeries Included in a Facelift

If you’re looking in the mirror and are disappointed in what you are seeing, it’s okay to want to change your appearance.
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Aging and genetics are two factors that are completely out of your control when it comes to your constantly changing physical appearance. Although you cannot stop the aging process, there are many things you can do to improve your appearance and increase your self-esteem once again.

Many people often express their interest in getting a facelift, but there are several different subcategories involved in this particular option. Knowing some of the different options can help save you some time and money on deciding which surgeries would benefit you the most.

Lateral Brow Lift

One of the surgical procedures involved in a facelift is a lateral brow lift. As you age, your skin begins to sag in more places than one. On your face, one of the noticeable places your skin begins to sag is your brow line.

When your brow line sags, this can give you a ‘sad’ look. Unlike the forehead lift, the lateral brow lift focuses on lifting your brow in the temple area. It is a much less invasive option that only requires a few small incisions. A newer technique, called the Trans-orbital Brow Lift, allows making an incision in the upper eyelid, so it is almost invisible after it has healed over.

The lateral brow lift has a short recovery period and has minor swelling and bruising. This option is a great choice for patients who want to look younger without a long recovery time.

Mid face Lift

A mid facelift is a facial rejuvenation procedure is relatively new and has been brought to the plastic surgery world. Another minimally invasive procedure, it is targeted at the middle section of the face. Because aging can heighten skin laxity, these procedures are focused on removing the bags under the eyes and addressing cheeks laxity.

A small incision can be made inside of your mouth and the fatty tissue in your cheeks can be repositioned. There are several methods available that can lift the sagging tissue, so discussing these methods with your doctor will provide you with information about each of them.

The surgery only takes a few hours and patients are usually sent home the same day. Although there is swelling and discomfort, as expected with any surgery, the recovery time is about five to seven days.

S-Lift Surgery

The S-Lift is yet another minimally invasive surgery involving facial rejuvenation. There are many areas an S-Lift can benefit.

This surgery is targeted at improving the appearance of sagging skin on areas of the face including your cheeks, chin, and neck skin. During this procedure, an ‘S’ shaped area of the skin is excised from the area in front of your ear, where your muscles and tissue are repositioned. This repositioning allows your face and neck to look re-contoured. This type of facial re-contouring focuses on the soft tissues that are directly affected by aging.

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Because this procedure is also minimally invasive, the process only takes a couple of hours and patients can recover within a few days.

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