How Can a J-Lift Make You Look Younger?

Most people, at some point in their lives, have heard of a face lift…or maybe even have had one. Face lifts are common among middle-aged women who want to look and feel younger. Face lifts are a surgical procedure that involve making a slight incision by the ears and pulling the muscles and skin tighter, leaving a patient with smoother, healthier, and younger looking skin.

What is J-Lift?

So what exactly is a J-Lift? A J-Lift is a type of face lift that is preferred by many patients looking for plastic surgery West Palm Beach. It is also known as “facial rejuvenation”, and is a natural procedure involving little to no plastic supplements and little recovery time. In fact, many J-Lift procedures don’t even require the use of general anesthesia.The J-Lift procedure is ideal for patients who are looking for a smoother, younger complexion. Not only does the J-Lift take care of all that, it also gets rid the appearance of “turkey waddle neck”, which often comes with shifts in weight and age.

J-Lift Facial Rejuvenation Procedure

The J-Lift facial rejuvenation procedure is perfect for patients who are looking for a short recovery time, and who need to be back on their feet in a short amount of time. Patients are only required to wear bandages for the first twenty-hour hours after the completion of the procedure. From there, patients can expect a full recovery and be back to resuming normal activities after only five days. With a J-Lift procedure, some pain and swelling is normal, but otherwise there is little to no bruising or permanent scarring.

One of the most attractive benefits to undergoing a J-Lift procedure is that patients see immediate results. Once a patient is clear to remove the bandages after twenty-four hours, they will see a smoother, healthier, and younger person staring back at them. One of the most common things that patients say after their procedure is about how great they feel, and how much younger and beautiful they look. Many patients prior to the procedure felt self-conscious or old due to their saggy cheekbones, jaw line, and even turkey waddle neck. However, the J-Lift procedure really is a fix-all solution that leaves every patient happy with their younger look.

The J-Lift is a great facial rejuvenation procedure that has been perfected by our experienced, professional, and expert plastic surgeons. Our facility is also comfortable, luxurious, and makes patients feel like they are spending a day at the spa rather than having a procedure. Our team also takes the time during consultations to go over each procedure that a patient may be considering, the advantages and disadvantages, and the risks and benefits to each. We take the time to make sure our patients are well informed and educated enough to ensure they make the best decisions regarding the best treatment options that are right for them.

After having a J-Lift procedure, or any other type of treatment or procedure done by our facility, patients feel fresh, healthier, and rejuvenated. Any potential client or patient considering a skin treatment or other plastic surgery procedure is welcome to review our client testimonials and “before and after” photos, as well as visit our facility and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss various treatment options and procedures.