What is a Turkey Wattle Neck?

Have you ever heard someone refer to their neck or another’s neck as “turkey wattle neck”? Even if you have never heard of it, it does not sound like a good thing, does it?  Our Jupiter and West Palm Beach Plastic Surgery center hears the question a lot. Turkey wattle neck refers to the fat that hangs below the face and collects at the neck. As people age, this might become a real problem, and appear very unattractive. Luckily, there is a way to avoid it and a way to get rid of it: a face lift.

What is turkey wattle neck?

Even if you haven’t heard of turkey wattle neck, you’ve most certainly heard of a face lift. Face lifts are common procedures, especially for middle-aged men and women. Although face lifts are more common among women, men can and have gotten them done as well. A fact lift rids the neck of unwanted or bulging fat and makes the face appear smoother and younger.

What is a face lift?

The most common form of face lift is referred to as the J-Lift plastic surgery, which is a form of facial rejuvenation. While there are many other forms of face lifts, the J-Lift is the most natural procedure, involving little to no “plastic” supplements. This procedure involves tightening the skin around the face, neck, cheeks, and jawline for a smoother, healthier, and younger complexion and appearance. Those who have had face lifts have claimed that they are highly effective and take years off the face.

So how does a face lift, or J-Lift work?

Physicians and plastic surgeons make hairline incisions near the ears. The muscles are then stretched and tightened and then re-attached, to complete the surgical procedure. Afterwards, the cheeks, neck, and jawline all appear smoother, healthier, and younger, making the J-Lift procedure successful, and a great option for those middle-aged persons who want to look younger and feel great, and who also want to get rid of turkey wattle neck.

What are the aftereffects of a J-Lift?

Those who have considered a face lit or a J-Lift might wonder about the aftereffects of the procedure. Since the J-Lift is mostly a natural procedure, it is quick yet thorough, and is the perfect solution for patients who are looking for immediate recoveries. There is little to no bruising. Furthermore, most J-Lift procedures can even be done without anesthesia. Some minor pain and swelling is possible, however, patients will only need to wear bandages for the first twenty-four hours after the procedure. Patients will also be back on their feet and be able to continue daily activities and life normally after only five days.

Is a J-Lift right for you?

If you are middle-aged, or look older than you actually are, or have turkey wattle neck that you are really self-conscious of, then a J-Lift is right for you. A J-Lift is a great and permanent solution to ridding the checks and neck of unwanted fat and loose skin, and tightening the muscles and jawline in such a way that makes skin look beautiful and younger.

The Dr. Jacobson and Dr. Mardirossian Plastic Surgery Center for Excellence specialize in facial rejuvenation and J-Lift surgical procedures. Patients can rest assured that they will be given the best treatment and see the best results after a J-Lift. Check out some of the before and after photographs and client testimonials to see what other patients think of a J-Lift and how it has changed their lives. It can for you too.