4 Common First Steps In Facial Feminization Surgery

FFS - 4 StepsThere are many ways to differentiate a male and female – whether you’re looking at his or her body size, genitals or facial features.
Facial feminization surgery is a common procedure among both men and women. Some women choose to get the surgery so that their features can appear softer and more feminine. Men who choose to have this procedure done are usually transgender individuals who are in the process of transforming from male to female.
Regardless of the reason for facial feminization surgery, there are some steps you should take to help the process move along smoothly.

Brow Lift

Starting with a brow lift will certainly help make your facial features appear more feminine in both men and women. Women usually get this surgery if their skin appears saggy or aged, or if they simply want to appear more feminine with a youthful and refreshed look.
The reason this surgery is so important is because men and women have entirely different eyebrow placements. For men, their brows are usually straight and thick and below the orbital rim, whereas in women, their brows are more arched and located on or above the orbital rim.

Jaw Shaving

Jaw shaving is another important first step when you want to feminize your facial features. Men and women have completely different shaped jaws. In men, the jaw is straight and defined. In women, the jaw line is a lot softer.
When a plastic surgeon performs jaw shaving, he or she makes small incisions next to the jaw in the cheek, and uses a drill and micro-saw to curve the jaw line and create a more rounded look, to resemble many females.
This procedure usually requires a twenty-four-hour stay in a hospital, and a healing time of four to six weeks. The results may not be visible until the fourth week, but this surgery is sure to give your face a more feminine look.

Scalp Advancement

Your hairline can say a lot about your age and your gender. If you undergo scalp advancement, a surgeon will be able to advance your hairline so that you can appear younger and look more feminine. Women often have more hair than men, so having a lower hairline can speed up the process for those interested in looking more feminine.
The surgeon will make a small incision from temple to temple on your head. The incision is usually made wherever your new hairline is intended to start and still allow you to keep your natural hair where it is. With a brow lift, this procedure will allow you to look more youthful than ever.

Lip Lift And Augmentation

One of the last steps to appearing more feminine is a lip lift or augmentation. This is a great procedure for anyone who is self-conscious about their small lips or wants to have more voluptuous and fuller lips. Many females are often associated with having fuller and plump lips, so this procedure will make your facial features appear much more feminine. The incisions are made underneath the lower nostrils, so they will not be visible once they are healed.

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